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Always wash your hands! will close at the end of October 2018. Thank you all. It has been a fun 14 years!

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Welcome to Pub Toilets - The Pub Review website

Pub Toilets dot com - The Social Toilet Review Site!

Peruse our Pub Reviews, featuring Pub, Bar and Resturant Toilets from the UK, Ireland and around the world, or marvel at the treasures lurking in a pub near you!

Whether you like urinals, toilet bowls, "p*ss stones" or metal troughs full of stains and cigarette ends, there will be something to excite you here on the website.

You may often visit the bogs when at a bar, and report back to our friends on the quality of the experience. Well now you can do it online too!

Almost every Public House presents a different lavatorial experience, and we aim to document them for future generations of enthusiasts!

Maybe it's the "sh*thouse" experience you love so much. Social meetings in pub loos, playing "p*ss polo" with the disinfectant soaps and standing round the hand towels discussing the great topics of life.

Some of you may even have had a meaningful encounter in a pub toilet, a chance meet, a life changing moment, an act of love, or a moment of madness!

Whatever your reasons, Pub Toilets are tremendously interesting and complex places full of a whole world of ceramics, metalware, wood work and interesting aparatus.

Slowly we're building the web's best pub reviews repository, of course concentrating on pub toilets, and supplying you with some sublime photography!

Please join us by writing some reviews, or supplying some toilet photos...

Visit the Add A Pub page to find out how you can add your own pub reviews,
either by registering with us, or by sending in your Mobile Phone Photos via MMS.

You can also leave comments for any of the existing pubs, why not tell us about a recent visit, features we've not picked up on, or things that have changed?

Start your own search now, use the search box in the upper left margin of this page.

We hope you enjoy your experience,

The Team.

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Random Pub Toilet Photo
Cubicles fit for a Reading FC fan!
The Loddon Bar ,
Reading, Berkshire

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