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'grubby crapper!' - photo from Winnington Rec, Northwich
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'look out for Potato Croquettes!' - photo from Winnington Rec, Northwich
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'wash that spunk away!' - photo from Winnington Rec, Northwich
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Winnington Rec, Northwich

Winnington Rec
Park Road
  Tel: 01606 79897

Added: 2/19/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Winnington Rec's is a large sports and social club complex, set about half a mile up a hill outside Northwich town centre.

Although there are many part of the building complex, including a snooker hall and various bars, this review will be based on the music events hall, which is used inparticular by Banned Network for local band nights, most fridays.

The layout of this room is basically like a village hall, or more appropriately, a school hall.

The Banned Nights attract the local school girl crowds, probably due to a loophole in the licensing laws with it being a sports club.

So turn up to watch a band with a few mates and you'll soon be feeling like the great Irish Fiddle Player - Pete O'File! some of the girls are very young, and the place is best described as naughty.

Bar wise, drinks are for over 18s only of course. Good prices too. Carling Extra Cold @ 2.10, John Smiths @ 1.80, as is Coke for the youngsters! Other choice Tipples include Samuel Smiths, Guinness, Cider and a selection of bottles and spirits. Cans of Labbatts @ 1.60.

The place is good for bands. A good sized "school" stage, with a dedicated team of sound blokes and fridays are usually busy too. Sit back, neck 15 pints, stare at the crack, and enjoy the bands.

There are two sets of sh*tters, either side of the stage. The right hand side ones are usually shut, but when they are open, you're usually pestered by girls gagging for sh*gging on your entrance, this place really is a meat-market!

So lets have a look at the bogs on the left...

The ladies, or should i say Girls, is to your immediate left from the toilet corridor, and features 3 cubicles, a sink, and a large make-up mirror! We can only speculate at the amount of fanny rattling that must go on in here, but these bogs will most definately have had their pink christening!

Past the girls, and the lads bogs are directly in front of you.

A funny layout, a long thin strip, with 2 cubicles at one end, a large worktop mounted sink selection, and p*ssers in the far corner.

The cubicles are a little grubby! p*ssy bog roll on the terracotta floor will be a common find, as well as unflushed bogs!

The pans themselves are plain white, and held together with duct-tape to stop people from hiding substances in them!

Still capable of a sh*t, but not anybody's first choice bum emptying experience!

To the far end, and we have the selection of 3 drainers!

These are nice, good shaped white urinals, well presented and piped in!

They used to have Potato Croquette style urinal blocks, very nice indeed, but these days just have standard yellow cubes!

Immediately above is a silver domed ash tray, nice!

To the sink platform... There are 3 sinks suspended on a platform. All plain white, hot and cold taps. There used to be a mirror opposite but is has been smashed too many times!

If you're lucky you might get a bar of soap, but there is usually no hand drying facilities or towels, so it either poo-roll or trousers!

The decor throughout is plain with some purple colouring.

Overall, a very interesting place, and a good night, with adequate sh*tter helped out by top p*ssers, oh and Potato-Croquettes of course.


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