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'nice unicorn p*ss stones' - photo from Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow
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'unicorn crapper' - photo from Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow
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'feature packed sh*t house!' - photo from Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow
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Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow

Unicorn Inn
102 Adlington Road
  Tel: 01625 524379

Added: 3/1/2005
Modified: 3/9/2012 9:53:00 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is located just off the busy short-cut road, Bonis Hall Lane, from Macc to Wilmslow and Stockport Areas. It is between two roundabouts, next to a Shell Service Station.

If you are in a car, you can use the car park to the rear. Driving in (mind the speed bumps), you will quickly appreciate the size of this pub. It's massive, yet from the road side it looks deceptively small!

The pub has front and rear entrances, enter by the rear and you may get a whiff of the toilets on your way in!

The pub is in many sections, laid out for food, but also offers Sky Sports entertainment.

On the Bar are a nice selection of beers. Unusual tipples include Kronenbourg Blanc - White Beer. I'm not into eating raw vomit though, so i had a pint of Boddies! Along with Boddingtons are John Smiths, and the common lagers, Guinness and Strongbow line-up. Lots of bottles, spirits and Walkers Crisps too.

The bitter was good, but i had a look at the menu and it is a little on the pricey side and i didn't really fancy 1/2 Roast Duck and Chips!

There are plenty of Fit Bar Girls here! Ogle and their fit young bottoms as they come to lay your table. Keep your winky in your trousers though, or you may be thrown out!

Before we get spotted copping a perv of the young crumpet, it would be best to check out the toilets.

They are located to the rear of the pub, 3 sets, Ladies, Gents and a Unisex Disabled Toilet.

The gents is a small rectangular room, well lit and well decorated.

Red tile and cream walls work very well with a lovely red and black diamond tiled floor. There are a few adverts and wotnot on the walls too.

There is a big p*ss stone along one wall, with p*ss splash guards between each of the five p*ssing positions. It is a very nice one too, discretely piped to a high rised cistern too.

Opposite is a single sink and small mirror and soap. Then there is a door to the crapper, and next to that are a hand dryer and a condom machine.

The sh*tter is contained in a small cream room, with the same floor tiles and wotnot to suit.

It is plain white, and whilst fairly clean it did have paper left in unflushed!

Good big-roll dispenser, but no bog brush!

Might be a tight squeeze for a Fat Bastard, be warned!

Overall, the pub is nice, especially the female staff, even though the food could best be described as "steep", i havent tried it though so lets give it the benefit of the doubt.

Good toilet facilites, especially with the disabled bog too. I particularly liked the p*ss stones, and the floor tiling, let down just a little by the sh*t house.


There are currently 2 comments about Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow

#1: Comment left by Ant of Wilmslow

“Nice toilets, but watch the toilet doors that slam shut. They'll take your arm off. And there was no soap in the dispenser when I was in.

Noise seemed to be an unfortunate a feature of this pub. After I bagged a Chesterfield next to the log fire, the atmosphere was blown as the bar maid decided to sort through the cutlery drawer. After suffering twenty minutes of clattering, I gave up and sat elsewhere. Thankfully the Sky TV, though completely at odds with the country pub decor, was on mute.

The food was excellent. Best bangers and mash I've ever had. And not too pricey either.”

Date: 12/11/2008 12:12:35 PM

#2: Comment left by karen of wilmslow

“I think the unicorn has had a change of management and oh my god! what a difference! the place is cleaner and the staff are so friendly and welcoming, and i had a special from the menu made by the new chef and it was awesome!!! will defo telll all my friends to start going back there and cant wait for the refurbishment that is coming soon. great pub, great staff and chef and finally a manager who knows what he is doing.”

Date: 3/6/2012 12:40:35 PM

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