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'the bog, nice brush!' - photo from Chilli Banana @ Kings Arms, Wilmslow
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'twin pots, nice tiles' - photo from Chilli Banana @ Kings Arms, Wilmslow
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'chilli sinks!' - photo from Chilli Banana @ Kings Arms, Wilmslow
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Chilli Banana @ Kings Arms, Wilmslow

Chilli Banana @ Kings Arms
Alderley Rd
Fulshaw Cross
  Tel: 01625 539100
Web: Chilli Banana @ Kings Arms

Added: 3/1/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Situated at a roundabout by a petrol station, this building is a combined pub, hotel and restuarant!

Car parking at the front or rear, enter from here into the restaurant, or walk round the front to the pub entrance.

This is a combined Posh Thai Restaurant and a Robinson's Establishment, surely a contradiction in terms!

Usual robbies offerings on tap, have a pint of Unicorn and spend the night discussing toilets with your pals!

The decor is nice in here. The bar is self-contained in the middle, there are rooms all around, and a door through to the food bit. On the hotel-esque walls are many intriguing things including a seemingly never used Tables Skittles Board!

The bogs are located at the far side of the pub, though i think the Chilli Banana restuarant probably has its own crappers too.

There are two urinals, one crapper, and a sink area. More than sufficeint for a little hotel bar.

The walls are well presented. Slate coloured tiling upto approx 1.5 metres, then plain tiling with a few hotel motif's. The floor is lighter grey, and the room is lit well.

The two urinal basins are well spaced, and plumbing disappears inside the wall, very nicely done. A few p*ss soaps, and well kept.

The bog is plain and white, but very clean with a nice flushing action!

The cistern is hidden in the wall, so the silver handle is located on the wall tiles.

There is lots of bum roll, and a nice little black bog brush!

The sinks are opposite the drainers. Two of, white basins set into the attractive stone work. There is a large mirror, and pump action hand wash!

On a wall by here is a hand dryer, also paper towels and an accompanying bin!

overall, a nice little place, i would recommend it, come and have a wee here!


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