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'lots of soaps' - photo from The Sam Finney, Wilmslow
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'a dark crapper, beware!' - photo from The Sam Finney, Wilmslow
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'2 good sinks' - photo from The Sam Finney, Wilmslow
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The Sam Finney, Wilmslow

The Sam Finney
Alderley Road
  Tel: 01625 525811

Added: 3/4/2005
Modified: 3/21/2008

Sam Finneys, a must on a Wilmslow Booze Up!

The bogs here aint nothing special, a bit crap you may say!!!

A stainless steel trough wedged between two wallings is ok.

It has lots of p*ss soaps, but the whole place is a mess, holes in the wall and allsorts!

The crapper, plain white, is often p*ss ridden and the cubicle is poorly lit and in dis-repair too, we expect more of wilmslow!

The saving grace are the sinks, white stone modern looking basins with steel taps and round mirrors to suit!

Could do better, 4/10

There is currently 1 comment about The Sam Finney, Wilmslow

#1: Comment left by Mike Hanocks of Cheadle

“this pub is for grabbin a grannny but it can be a laugh haha look at the pictures of the toilets there haha”

Date: 3/21/2008 9:12:54 PM

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