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'urinals and condoms!' - photo from The Wharf, Macclesfield
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'lovely crafted wee basins!' - photo from The Wharf, Macclesfield
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'sink and mirror, to crapper!' - photo from The Wharf, Macclesfield
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'crapper with toilet blu' - photo from The Wharf, Macclesfield
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'Urinals, Cistern on Right' - photo from The Wharf, Macclesfield
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'Sink, Toilet Bloo' - photo from The Wharf, Macclesfield
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The Wharf, Macclesfield

The Wharf
107 Brook Street
SK11 7AW
  Tel: 01625 265 236

Added: 3/4/2005
Modified: 1/26/2017 11:22:11 AM

located at the top of brook street in macc, this is certainly not one of the better pubs you could choose.

Has a reputation and a stale atmosphere.

To its credit, has a good bar, not bad guinness, pool and video screen.

played pool here many a time and have felt hostility in the air toward non-locals.

Oh well, lets check the bogs out...

A white tiles room with windows, and with a nice red tiled floor, these bogs really are quite good!

4 very attractive drainer basins provide the urianl contribution! These really are good p*ssers, just look at they're shape! good solid pipe work too!

The windows are above these, to the left is the jonny machine, and on the far wall, right of the advert board, is the single sink and mirror, worked a treat on my p*ssy fingers!

Immediately behind this is the crapper, plain white with a toilet blue (rim style), and white roll holder which was reasonably full.

What else? well, the usual dryer and soap really.

This pub is certainly saved by its toilets, worth a quick trip down to see them.



Update May 2009:

We were in The Wharf about a week or so ago, and had a jolly nice experience.

The bearded bar man was nice and friendly, and the landlady was very chatty and friendly.

The Marston's Bitter was nice at 2.30 a pint, and the pool table was just 30p.

We watched Sky Sports, played pool and looked at the fishies in the fish tank.

The bar feels like someone's living room, and is full of local youngsters from the surrounding housing estate.

After some bitter's we though we'd re-acquaint ourdelves with the toilets of The Wharf... these are at the back of the pub, through one doorway, then turn left through a second.

On your immdeiate left is a condom machine, then ahead of you are 4 urinals under a window, and fed by a cistern in the top right corner.

The cistern is a nice little one, at about the height where the white tiles have a blue top border, underneath the yellowy wall paint above.

All urinal pots looked very clean, and the window is double glazed with a no smoking sticker on it!

Opposite is a sink, with handwash and mirror, and both taps worked well, as did the dryer.

The cubicle has a white bog with a toilet bloo rim cleaner.

A large Lotus branded roll holder was well stocked.

The cubicle foor locked to, but there was no light, unless we missed the switch.

A nice friendly pub, with well kept bogs, although a light in the pan would be good!


There are currently 2 comments about The Wharf, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Nettie of Macclesfield

“I have had many a cosy sh*t in this establishment, warm, friendly envirnoment, very friendly staff and fantastic astmosphere, well recommended.”

Date: 5/5/2009 5:34:16 PM

#2: Comment left by Paul of Macc

“One of the best in town now although I'm not a fan of a bewildering choice of labels when all I want is a 'pint o bitter'. As for the bogs - don't know, didn't use 'em! :D”

Date: 10/11/2016 10:11:41 AM

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