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'nice shaped urinals' - photo from Macclesfield Cricket Club, Macclesfield
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'bowl a number two!' - photo from Macclesfield Cricket Club, Macclesfield
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'the sink area' - photo from Macclesfield Cricket Club, Macclesfield
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Macclesfield Cricket Club, Macclesfield

Macclesfield Cricket Club
Victoria Road
SK10 3JE
  Tel: 01625 424249

Added: 3/4/2005
Modified: 6/29/2011 1:20:13 PM

Macclesfield Cricket Club is located on Victoria Road, just past Macc General Hospital, and just before the site of the former menatl home known as Parkside, which is now flats and houses incidentally!

A nice cricket pitch, well kept. The pub on site is located to the rear in a hut type building.

As well as cricket functions, the bar plays hosts to parties, band nights, and all manner of other japery!

The bogs are located in a small room, but they are very nice.

The urinals are brilliant, well shaped, and at a smashing angle, bowl some p*ss down them right away!

If you do have a leg-bye, there are two big p*ss shields between the three drainers, so you shouldn't p*ss on a stranger's leg!

To the right of these is a little radiator with a towel to wipe off excess p*ss!

The decoration is plain, light blue paint, and terracotta tiled flooring. There are also white tiles behind the p*sser to catch any stray wee.

The toilet bowl is very well presented, a white one with a wooden seat, nice and clean, with a nice concealed white brush.

There was lots of bog roll on my visit, just as well, i dropped a stinker, it stank the place full of sh*te!

Lets wash our hands...

There are two square-ish sinks hidden away in their own little sub-section of the room. Hot and cold on each, with a small centralised mirror, you will often find a bar of soap or two, and there is an electric hand dryer to your right next to the urinals.

Nice, I Like It!


There is currently 1 comment about Macclesfield Cricket Club, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by andy of macclesfield

“Great pub and great loo well done

definately not "out for a duck"”

Date: 6/29/2011 9:11:51 AM

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