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'a row of p*ss pots!' - photo from Yates Wine Lodge, Derby
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'sinks, nice facilities.' - photo from Yates Wine Lodge, Derby
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'modern bog seat, p*ss on floor!' - photo from Yates Wine Lodge, Derby
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Yates Wine Lodge, Derby

Yates Wine Lodge
27 Iron Gate
Added: 4/7/2005
Modified: 9/9/2011 9:57:05 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

A big pub in the centre of Derby, not far from the Assembly Rooms and the new fountainy thing.

Yes, a big pub, though there are plenty on the street, the Standing Order etc.

How about a pint of Castlemaine XXXX, or maybe a Strongbow. There's ample selection here, so im sure you'll find something to tipple your fancy!

There are lots of seating bits, some raised, some with tables, a typical Yates bar i suppose. Theres loads of tellys too, great for football. Even a computer controlled DJ box, from where the entertainment is controlled.

F*ck This... i need a p*ss...

The walls in the toilets are bright green and cream, a good contrast.

The floor tiles are good too, cream with black lines and diamonds on the join!

There is a gang of 5 p*ssers on the wall, all white with nice basin shape. the pipes are neatly hidden by being painted the wall green!

Opposite these are 3 sinks, and a large mirror! 2 soaps, hot and cold taps appeared in good order, and to dry up there's two stainless steel dryers.

at the end of the room are 2 crappers. Nice toilet bowls, plain white, with the modern horse-shoe shaped seats.

I wasn't overly impressed with the cubicles! there was not much room to get in and out, some of you fat f*ckers would struggle! and there was a big puddle of p*ss on the floor.

I enjoyed my visit here though, and my p*ss come to think of it.


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