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'nice urinal design' - photo from The Flying Horse, Leek
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'p*ssers and sink!' - photo from The Flying Horse, Leek
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'bog rolls on top sir!' - photo from The Flying Horse, Leek
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The Flying Horse, Leek

The Flying Horse
130 Ashbourne Road
ST13 5BJ
  Tel: 01538 398125
Web: The Flying Horse

Added: 4/8/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

We spotted this pub on a trip to Derby, and decided to call in for tea on the way back from Ashbourne. There is a car park round the back with lots of spaces.

Outside the cream main-road pub is a model of a waiter ready to serve you some delights!

On the bar is a good selection, Strongbow won the day on our visit as we mulled over the food menu.

The Gammon Steak meal went down well with one of us, but Chicken Tikka Massala won the day for me!

I was offered rice or chips, or half and half, so i said why not, half and half...

The f*cker came, bloody popadom and pickles first, then the main! Virtually a full rice, and home-fried chip-pan chips, f*cking nice one, chicken in massala sauce, and a nan-bread.

F*ckin Hell i was stuffed, and for only 3.95, the bargain find of 2005 me thinks!

Sh*ttin Hell, i need a dump though... rush to the bogs through the glass paned door...

The bog is white with a light wooden seat, and a nice squarish cistern. On top of the cistern were two half-rolls, and an empty one. not that i was arsed, i just wanted to drop my shopping! Also in here was a roll dispenser and a white bog brush, nice locking action on the door.

After my sh*t i inspected the urinals...

There are 3 of them, a very attractive design too, something you'd expect in pottery country i guess!

A large steel pipe arrangement to the top, and white plastic to the bottom, they really know how to spoil us in this pub!

The final touch is a plain-ish sink, small mirror, soap and a hand towel dispenser, with a bin to suit.

Very, very impressive, still can't get over the meal, sh*t hot and sh*t hot pricing, and yes, my sh*t was hot!


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