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'lots of paper!' - photo from El Rio Mexican, Macclesfield
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'blue p*ss pans' - photo from El Rio Mexican, Macclesfield
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'blue sinks, towel thingee' - photo from El Rio Mexican, Macclesfield
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El Rio Mexican, Macclesfield

El Rio Mexican
5 Back Wallgate
SK11 6LQ
  Tel: 01625 431 355
Web: El Rio Mexican

Added: 4/18/2005
Modified: 12/13/2010 4:55:58 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Macc's only mexican restaurant, and pricey because of it, nice food though. The restaurant is located up a cobbled street, turn down from mill street at Thomas Cook to find it.

There is a small car park, but most folks walk, theres the Castle pub to stumble too afterwards if you get too p*ssed.

The menu ranges from Fajitas to Nachos, Steaks, Ribs etc. It can be a bit pricey though, the meals are at least 12 a piece, and thats just your main dish!

A pitcher of San Miguel will help soften the blow though.

decor is nice, "authentic mexican restuarant", or so they say. music accompanies, often there is a big fat man with a beard playing sax near the bar.

Righto, the food is nice, thats about all i'd care to say, lets check the toilets out, there located on a corridor near the front.

The decor is plain cream walls, but with a nice laminate effect floor.

The p*ssers are blue! nice! makes the meal all worth it!

with yellow p*ss-blocks too! lovely!

By contrast, the bog is plain white and boring, there is a standard domestic bog roll holder, and too spares on the cistern, maybe they expect a lot of sh*ttin from there food!

The sinks are blue, opposite the drainers, and there is a pull-cloth hand towel thing. you dont see too many of these now, enjoy as you wipe your p*ssy fingers!

on the sink was a hand towel, hot and cold worked, a small mirror is the only other feature, near the door.

Good, but not too convincing


There is currently 1 comment about El Rio Mexican, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Keza of Manchester

“to the stupid idiot that wrote the comment about the "the big fat man with a beard that plays the sax near the bar" firstly his name was Roger, secondly dont judge a book by it's cover he had a heart of gold which is more than I could say about you, and thirdly he passed away so why dont you think before you write a load bull**** about people when its supposed to be a review on the restaurant you t*sser.”

Date: 12/3/2010 7:56:08 PM

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