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'Individual p*ss-stones, keep an eye on that tv!' - photo from The Bruce Arms, Macclesfield
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'check the grey wall tiles as you sh*t!' - photo from The Bruce Arms, Macclesfield
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The Bruce Arms, Macclesfield

The Bruce Arms
231 Crompton Road
SK11 8EZ
  Tel: 01625 432848
Web: The Bruce Arms

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Bruce Arms, located just off the beaten track of town centre Macclesfield is a great pub, very much football and entertainment orientated.

On entering the pub, through the hallway passage, you can see a small room to the right by the D shaped bar, and to your left is a large room with a giant projector tv for the football, also the venue for the famous sunday quiz!

Following past the enterance, turn left into the far side of the bar, and a long room full of tables and another tv.

To the bar we go, where suppages include Boddingtons, Carling and Carlsberg. For light refreshment, try the crisps, often with many weird and wonderful flavours. You'll be especially pleased to find Tayto Balti Crinkle Cut Crisps!

Also in this room is a very useful Link Cash Machine, great for extra cash when you've p*ssed it all away on an all night bender!

At then end of this room, up a short flight of stairs, is the pool room. 50p a game, electonic so you can spend your change. Also a jukebox, and another TV!

Back down the stairs, time has come to have a wee, but before we do, its worth mentioning this pub shows live football from sky sports on 7 (yes seven!) televisions! and where is the best to watch?

Of course the tv in the gents bogs! What a classic idea! What a gem of a p*sser too, a p*ss-stone divided up in sections, so as everyone has their own defined p*ssing target, genius!

The sh*tter is quite good too, grey tiles on the walls help it stand out. The lock doesn't work on the door though!

All in all, a Well mentained sh*thouse in a great pub, well worth a visit for the toilet television!

Also known to be frequented by Muttley McLad of The Macc Lads from time to time!


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