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'p*ssy floor!' - photo from Yates Wine Lodge, Manchester
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'attractive crapper!' - photo from Yates Wine Lodge, Manchester
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Yates Wine Lodge, Manchester

Yates Wine Lodge
Piccadilly Station
Greater Manchester
M1 2PA
Added: 4/23/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Picadilly's other pub, if you have already been to Reef, or have red the review, you will be in for a treat here, as this pub actually has toilets, unlike Reef!

The bar is a long and thin room, with a long curved bar, comfy wood and leather seating in the form of chairs, sofa's and alcoves.

There is also picnic style seating to the outside front of the bar, you may sit there in the summer, but at the end of the day you're still inside under the station roof, so it's a bit false.

The bar has a good selection of everything, but the prices have gone really steep in recent times, i was once robbed of 1.55 for half a Coke!!!!

Food is on the menu, if the Yates Club Sandwich is still available, i recommend it!

Right, the bogs are located at the far right of the building, free-of-charge (unlike the station bogs), tucked away through a lovely wooden door.

Long and Thin, there are 4 p*ssers down one wall, opposite are 3 sinks, and at the end, 2 bogs.

The room is nice, attractive polished charcoal coloured tiling, wooden frames etc.

The Urinals are white, each drainer carefully mounted on the tiling, and the dark colour of the tiling hides the pipes well too!

There was p*ss on the floor on a recent visit, smelt fresh, check out the wet floor sign in the photo!

The two sh*tters are in wooden cubicles at the end of the room, White basins with no visible cistern, white seat, and a steel handle built into the back wooden panel! Ding Dang Do!

No Bog Brush, they don't trust the train-going public much!

The doors lock well, and sh*tting is highly comfortable, BUT BEWARE! Once i was sat having a big fat dump, and somebody threw fast food wrappers over from Burger King, Cheeky F*ckers!!!

Out to wash your hands in one of the sinks, 3 to choose from. nice white basins, mounted in marble, big mirror, soap etc.

Overall, nicely done, the main let down being pricing, but the Wee-Wee on the Floor more than made up for that!


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