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'p*ss basins' - photo from The Salisbury, Manchester
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'bog paper in p*ss!' - photo from The Salisbury, Manchester
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'sinks at the urinals' - photo from The Salisbury, Manchester
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'dryer, radiator, advert and door' - photo from The Salisbury, Manchester
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The Salisbury, Manchester

The Salisbury
2 Wakefield St
Greater Manchester
M1 5NE
  Tel: 0161 236 5590

Added: 4/29/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is just down the Oxford Rd station steps, hidden by the Thirsty Scholar, Attic and Grand Central pubs too.

Like it's neighbours this is a student rockers pub, some cracking music on the jukebox, DJs sometimes, nice birds, pool, pints and vodka!

Oh, and lollipops behind the bar too!

the place is quite well lit, much better lit that the scholar. The decoration is old but good, nice comfy sectioned off seating areas, nice light fitting with arty decoration, and Pantera posters on the pool room ceiling!

The pub has two entrances, one at its front, the other at the side, below Grand Central, opposite the bar. Both Gents and Birds sh*tters are at the very end of the pub!

Go through the double door to the Gents... The inner door has a frosted glass pain so you should be able to tell how full it is before you contemplate a wee.

inside, there are 3 p*ssers opposite, two sinks to the left and a sh*tter to your back right.

The 3 Urine Basins are a good set, well presented with p*ss-soaps too!

they sit well against the room's tiling, red to approx 1 metre, then a flowery border, then creamy white, the floor is brown tiling, again with a border, top hat!

The sh*thouse was slightly less impressive, but only cos of the p*ss-soaked bog roll on the floor. It is plain white, white cistern and seat, with a silver handle. to its right (from sh*tting position) is a bog paper holder, quite well stocked, wipe those jobbies up!

No bog brush, but who cares.

Outside the poo-pan again, to the sinks. There are two of them, nice style. Hot and cold taps, both working, to their left is a hand dryer, and a radiator, in case you've splashed!

A few other room features include advert boards on the wall, very common in manchester these days.


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