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'Mughli Bowl' - photo from Mughli, Rusholme
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'urinals and splash plate' - photo from Mughli, Rusholme
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'sinks n mirror' - photo from Mughli, Rusholme
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'radiator, dryer' - photo from Mughli, Rusholme
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'2010 - New Sinks, Black Tiling, Urinals' - photo from Mughli, Rusholme
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'2010 - White Loo, Metal Roll Holder' - photo from Mughli, Rusholme
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Mughli, Rusholme

28 - 32 Wilmslow Road
Greater Manchester
M14 5TQ
  Tel: 0161 248 0900

Added: 5/17/2005
Modified: 3/25/2010 4:25:08 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

One of Rusholme's best respected curry houses. Situated on the Moss-Side end of the main street.

A nice big curry house, very busy on a saturday night.

Try the Lamb Tikka Massala, its very nice. For a starter, the Mixed Starter comes with recommendation, the Shish Kebab is top notch!

Drinks are good here too, get some lagers down when currying with your bird!

A recent bill for five people, starters, main, nan, desserts and drinks weighed in at 105ish, not bad at all.

The toilets...

upstairs is the gents, in a white tiled room, a black border divides the grey floor tiles from the main walls.

There are 2 urinals, tightly packed with a p*ss-splash plate between. nice plumbing at the bottom and top, to the bottom the two U-Pieces disappear into a dark coloured plastic pipe.

Blue P*ss Balls!

Elsewhere there are two sinks situated in front of a large mirror, a wall mounted hand soap dispenser too.

The hand-dryer is by the door near the radiator. Dryer and hot and cold taps all worked brilliantly.

The toilet is plain white, with a dark brown wooden seat, a white cistern and a silver flusher.

It was clean, there was no sh*t left, and the large, well filled roll dispenser is ideal for a curry house.

Drop a Curry Sh*te!



Update March 2010:

Revisited Mughli recently, late on a Friday night.

There were a group of about half a dozen of us, up for some scran after a night on the tiles, we chose Mughli on arriving in Rusholme.

We were brought Popadoms and dips after ordering drinks, Wine, Beer etc.

The menu choice was good, as were prices.

The food came quickly, and tasted delicious.

I had a chicken dopiaza, which was very tasty.

One member of our group suspected the chicken tikka to be a little undercooked, as it was pinky inside!

A trip upstairs to the gents reveled a fully refurbished experience, compared to the old offering in the old photos.

Again, two urinals, clean.

Opposite these the sink area has been replaced, and now has two nice square sinks.

Somebody had been sick in one of them - nice!

Taps, soap, mirror, all good.

There is a new white plastic seated loo in the cubicle, the tolet roll holder has moved to the opposite wall. Flushed well, was clean. A bit of discarded loo roll on the floor, nothing to despair over.

The whole gents room is dark tiled, and nicely lit.

So, our update summary - good food, apart from the suspect chicken, great bogs refit.


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