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'wild p*ss stones' - photo from Wild Boar Inn, Macclesfield
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'sink, small mirror' - photo from Wild Boar Inn, Macclesfield
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'drop a wild sh*te!' - photo from Wild Boar Inn, Macclesfield
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Wild Boar Inn, Macclesfield

Wild Boar Inn
Buxton Road / A54
SK11 0QL
  Tel: 01260 276882
Web: Wild Boar Inn

Added: 5/17/2005
Modified: 3/31/2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Wild Boar, in suitably named Wildboarclough is on the Congleton to Buxton road known as the A54, for some an awkward twat of a road, for others a nice country drive.

Pull up in the car park at the congleton side of the pub, further parking is available to the rear.

Enter the door on the roadside to find a nice warm country pub.

Opposite you on a wall is a fur of an actual wild boar, which is certainly unusual to see. the bar is to the immediate left of this, there will probably be a few country characters sat at the bar, a dead giveaway is a cowboy hat, or even a beard!

There are a few tasty bar ladies knocking about, so you may be in luck and have your pint pulled by a bit of alright. The pub is a Robinsons House, so you will find the usual offerings... Unicorn, Hatters, Carling, Guinness and Strongbow. Bottles and Spirits are plentiful too, but the lemonade and cola are from supermarket bottles, presumebly something to do with the poor water quality up here, but you cant help feel hard done by with bottled pop.

The pub also do food, it would be an excellent stop off point on a summers day ramble, 7.50 for fish and chips may not suit all budgets though.

Relax on a comfy chair, at a table with a view, or go down the narrow corridor to the right of the bar to enter the pool room. A nice table, had a bit of wool on it though, has there been sheep in here?

Also in the room is a telly, but the reception is poor. Phone reception is also poor, go by the window for your best chance of a call. Open the back door to find a small picnic tables area, and a stunning view of the hills, it really is nice.

Right it's time for a wee-wee.... off back past the bar, to the far end of the pub (opposite end to the pool room), the gents are through the final door.

The room is plain, white and cream in decoration, simply paint and tiling. It is a well lit room though, benefitting from its side of pub carpark position, the window lets in loads of light as there are no surrounding buildings up here.

To your immediate left, and opposite the main window, a a fair sized white p*ss stone, about a metre or slightly more in height. It is piped ok, and goes up the wall in the centre to a high rised cistern, also white. The p*sser also has a few p*ss soaps to freshen the otherwise potentially p*ssy atmosphere.

Next to the p*sser is a small white sink, hot and cold taps and soap is provided. above this is a small mirror, with a brown-rim (no pun intended).

To the immediate right of any p*ssing or hand washing man is the hand dryer. Electronic, sleek and smart, quite modern, and of a white colour.

next to this is an entrance to the single cubicle.

Turn round and lock the door, it works well.

The sh*tter is a standard white toilet and cistern, with a black seat, and silver flush handle.

There is a double sized enclosed white roll holder, well stocked. Tucked away to the back-right of the pan is a white bog brush, nice and clean.

The flush worked well.

Overall, very nice and clean, quite plain, but nice all the same, complimenting this country pub well.


There are currently 2 comments about Wild Boar Inn, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Bonehead of Macclesfield

“The toilet wasn't the cleanest by a long shot. We stayed in the campsite at the back of the pub which also doubles as a toilet for a local Dog! After paying my camp fees ( no reciept given ) and spending the remaining money I had ( 25ish ) and having a jolly good time ( local music was brill ) ... Toilets 3 / 10.”

Date: 2/18/2008 12:48:38 PM

#2: Comment left by one eye of oldham

“arrived late about 10 ish,3 of us in my mates camper,parked in car park ,was to dark to find camping area,went to the pub,was welcomed with open arms,landlady had sank a few bevvys,was very busy ,great music (steve kenny) from new mills,a must for the older generation,fresh sandwiches were passed round during our stay in the pub,my favourite was the beef,which incidentley all meat supplied my 'mycock and sons 'local butcher(no pun intended)overall...nice ale ,friendly locals,great bar staff,live premiere league football also shown, one downside was the smelly toilets(SMELLY) deffo go back even if its just so my mate can have a dabble at the barmaid.”

Date: 3/31/2008 10:28:39 PM

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