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'Great Little Urinal Trough' - photo from Bar 480, Chorlton
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'Sink, Shaped Mirror' - photo from Bar 480, Chorlton
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'grab a condom on the way out' - photo from Bar 480, Chorlton
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'p*ss in the pan' - photo from Bar 480, Chorlton
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Bar 480, Chorlton

Bar 480
480 Wilbraham Rd
Greater Manchester
M21 9AS
  Tel: 0161 861 0577
Web: Bar 480

Added: 9/9/2008
Modified: 9/9/2008 2:02:43 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Bar 480, or bar4eighty as it is also known, is so called as it sits at number 480 on the Wilbraham Road in Chorlton, Manchester.

It is a quite a large pub, offering food and drink.

We were here on a live band night, on a Thursday night.

Food had already finished on our arrival, so we popped across the raod to Somerfield for a butty, which we brought back into the pub to scoff with some beer.

The music was good, and the place seemed nice. It is fairly nice and modern in decor, with art on the walls. There is also a display cabinet full of vintage GI Joe dolls! I persume the landloard is a collector.

The toilets are located at the rear of the pub, which is a bit of a sh*tter on a band night, as the band are stood in your way en troute for a sh*te.

The gent's toilets room itseld is quite plain, a darkish floor and white wall tiles throughout. However, it houses some quite nice pieces.

The urinal is a metal trough, but quite a small one. It is served from quite a nice wall mounted white ceramic cistern above.

There was p*ss soap in the torugh (and lots of p*ss), the metal front of the trough had been bent at some point, see photo, has soemone tried to stand on/in it perhaps?

Opposite you will find a sink, radiator, jonnie machine and a rather groovy wavey-shaped mirror!

The dryer is to your left, by the cubicle, shame there was no hand soap.

The toilet cubicle has a red MDF-Style door and surrounds.

It is quite large, and houses a standard white toilet bowl with white plastic seating.

The flush worked well, but some swine hadn't bothered when we first went in! The cistern top has been replaced with a piece of wood, so the original was presumably smashed at some point.

Bog Roll - Yes, Lock - Yes, Bog Brush - No.

Bar 480 is a good night out, especially for music. The beer is good, and the loos aint half bad too!


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