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'the trough' - photo from The New Inn, Rhyl
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'sink n dryer' - photo from The New Inn, Rhyl
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'have a crap in rhyl' - photo from The New Inn, Rhyl
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The New Inn, Rhyl

The New Inn
95 High Street
LL18 1TR
  Tel: 01745 330804

Added: 7/4/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The New Inn is located off the main Rhyl front, in amongst the shopping district. I'ts surrounding buildings include a Super Pound store, and it is opposite Barclays Bank.

Basically the pub is a big square room, with a bar to the far end. there is seating around the outside, in various forms, with tables. Decoration is simple, but ok. As added features, there are a few telly's showing satellite tv, and a jukebox containing some fine classic rock.

To the bar for a good selection... A Theakstons pub this is, as such you will find both Theakstons Bitter and Theakstons Mild. In addition there is also John Smiths Bitter. For lager, there is Fosters and Kronenbourg, Guinness is present, as is Blackthorn as the cider choice. The final tap is Red C. Guinness and Kronenbourg weigh in at 2.20, with Fosters at 1.95, and presumaebly a cheaper price for Bitter.

Bottles wise, the bar is good too, but on a hot and sunny sea-side day, you can't beat a pint, and the Guinness is good, available as Extra Cold too. Why not wash down with a packet of Walkers Crisps, or Quavers? Go for the crisps separetely, and you have a second chance to ogle at the tasty bar maid!

Past the bar to the far right we find the toilets, enter intoa corridor area, before selecting the door marked "Gentlemen".

The first thing you notice is a rather long and p*ss-stained stainless steel trough. One or two p*ss soaps occupy it, along with a few fag ends. There is a reassuring smell of wee too. The trough is from Saville Systems, and has come all the way from Altrincham, Cheshire!

The room has some nice grey tiled walls, with a window to the right of the trough, by which is a condom machine, vending at 2.

There is a single toilet bowl for the gentlemen. It is in a fair sized cubicle, the bowl is white with a grey seat. Flsuh action is good, and there was some turd paper on top of the cistern.

There is a sink in the corner by the door, with an old electronic hand dryer to right. I can only presume this dryer is to dry p*ss off peoples hands though, as both taps on the sink failed to work!

Overall, a good little seaside pub, only let down by the sink situation, but still worth a visit for a p*ss in the trough.


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