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'Muck and Paper on floor' - photo from Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester
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'2 Sinks' - photo from Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester
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'Lots of urinals' - photo from Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester
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Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Sinclairs Oyster Bar
2 Cathedral Gates,
Greater manchester
M3 1SW
  Tel: 0161 834 0430

Added: 11/11/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

If your bored of the new and shiny pubs that have been popping up around the city over the last few years and feel like a breack from the modern world then this is the pub for you. It might not be the biggest pub in the city centre but that means the guests are a little more selective about where they drink. the last time i was in there they didn't serve the usual branded drinks, you coul;dnt find a guinness but that ment you had to broarden your horizons. As a drinker it makes a refreshing change to have to think about your tipple.
Of course after a few pints either inside or in the well sized open air drinking area your may need to use the facilities. You can choose from a selection of for well maintained urinals or nip into the cubicle for a more relaxed experience. Afraid this wasnt my first stop that day so I only remember there being one cubicle but I could be wrong. I do remember that the sinks provided a refreshing splash of cold water on my face before I returned for one more pint of bitter. All in all a great place to drink recomended to anyone who fancies something a little different.

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