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'Father and Son!' - photo from Al Nawaz, Rusholme
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'Curry Sh*tter!' - photo from Al Nawaz, Rusholme
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'Sink and Stuff!' - photo from Al Nawaz, Rusholme
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Al Nawaz, Rusholme

Al Nawaz
74 - 84 Wilmslow Road
Greater Manchester
M14 5AL
  Tel: 01612490044

Added: 7/29/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

One of the first curry houses on your right as you enter Rusholme from the Manchester end, and one of the biggest too.

They will bring you popadoms and pcikles to start with. free of chage too whilst you take a peek at the menu and decide which curry will serve you the best anal reaction.

There is plenty to choose from, and drinks too, Cobra anyone? why not try a Lamb Pindi?

Turn up in the middle of the night for some drunken japery and curry!

Decor is nice and light, tables are set well and overall presentation is great.

The toilets are located to the rear left of the large restaurant.

A two-tone green coloured room, and on first impressions, you will notice that the high standards of decoration haven't quite stretched to the sh*thouses!

The floor is large cream tiled.

Lets have wee, there are 2 urinals, one set lower for junior p*ss enthusiasts! Nice p*ssers, but the wall behind is falling to bits, cracked paint, mold, i certainly wouldn't want to eat a curry of it.

There is a stainless steel litter bin right by the p*sser, make sure you dont slash in it!

There is one single all-white sh*t-pot in a single cubicle. It is ok, up to sniff and scratch, and it must have been dealt some anal disasters in the past after dinner!

Large white roll dispenser, wall mounted flush, nice enough, but no bog brush, so expect skid marks!

Always remember to wash your hands when eating! There is a single sink mounted in a corner piece of worktop, looks nice, white with central double tap.

But the mirror is plain and boring, again on a sh*tty state of wall repair, there is at least soap and electro dryer.

Overall Good, but the bogs need a lick of paint!


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