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'Urinal Bank!' - photo from The Calverts Court, Stockport
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'Sh*tters!' - photo from The Calverts Court, Stockport
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'Pure Fantastic!' - photo from The Calverts Court, Stockport
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The Calverts Court, Stockport

The Calverts Court
13 St Petersgate
Greater Manchester
  Tel: 0161 474 6750
Web: The Calverts Court

Added: 7/29/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Chav Infested, and a worthy addition to the "Crap Towns" list, Stockport town centre is on the whole a complete sh*t-heap!

Its hard to walk though it without being pestered by some little scrote or another.

The town has a few good point, the Robinson's Unicorn Brewery of course, and this Wetherspoon pub is about the best the town centre can offer.

A big long and narrow wetherspoons, with a long bar down the majority of the right hand side, tables in the middle, and seating sections on the left.

Children are welcome, just as well, Stockers is full of single mums.

The rear area is also non-smoking.

The usual Spoon's range here, good food, 2 for 5.50 meals, why not sup a nice pint of Abbot Ale.

The toilets are located to the rear right of the pub, past the bar and in the non-smoking eating area.

The Ale-house Architects must have been really depressed by Stockport, and decided to build a cracking set of sh*tters!

These are fantastic.

Attractive Green Mosaic tiles, set on cream tiled floors... The room is square, with an intersection with p*ss pots mounted proudly!

Frosted glass tiles too, so you can see the oposition p*ssers! urinals are clean and well kept.

There is a bank of Wetherspoon standard white sh*tters, nothing special, but well kept again, no brushes though. Nice dark green soors!

The sinks area is the cherry on the cake though, Stainless Steel basins set in a browny marble suspended worktop, lush blue backdrop mounted mirrors, this is fantastic! and a few soap dispensers too!

Other features include a nodder machine. get some in if you're gonna nob a stockport lass!

Nice, 7/10

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