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'p*ss in that pan!' - photo from MEN Arena, Manchester
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MEN Arena, Manchester

MEN Arena
Victoria Station
Hunts Bank
Greater Manchester
M3 1AR
  Tel: 0870 190 8000
Web: MEN Arena

Added: 7/30/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Manchester Arena is located at one end of Manchester Victoria Railway Station, just around the corner from Boddingtons, The Strangeways Brewery.

The MEN arena is a large scale arena, hosting music concerts, sporting events including ice hockey, and other large events.

Capacity is over 10,000 and the arena claims to be the busiest in Europe! Music events range between anything from Busted to Rammstein! Expensive drinks though, 2.80 for Tetleys, and if you prefer a soft drink you must pay 1.50 for a bottle of Fanta!

There are several entrances to the various seating bays, and the standing down below, and at the top of the arena, there are therefore several sets of toilets to suit.

The gents consist of giant long bays of urinals, approximately 30-40 in a row, ideal for the ammount of people that can potentially be needing a slash. Plain white p*ssers, but more than fills a need.

However, compared to the amount of p*ssers, there are not many sh*t-houses!

There must be a bank of 6-8 compared to 30-40 p*ssers.

Plain pans, often covered in p*ss, and often with no arse roll!

I'd rather nip out and sh*t in Victoria Station!

Not very impressive, with the amount of money that passes through these doors, improvements are needed!


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