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'Curried Urinals!' - photo from Hanaan, Rusholme
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'no bog roll' - photo from Hanaan, Rusholme
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'wash before you eat!' - photo from Hanaan, Rusholme
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Hanaan, Rusholme

54 - 56 Wilmslow Road
Greater Manchester
M14 5AL
  Tel: 01612564786

Added: 8/1/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

You know what it's like, middle of the night, and stumbling off a bus in Rusholme after 12 pints, a curry seems the ideal night ender.

We'll this time we stagger to Hanaan's, on the right hand side if heading from manchester.

A biggish room, well kept, in here you will find a nice atmosphere.

The usual indian lagers etc are on offer, or you can bring your own, we opted for cider.

Popadoms and mixed pickles arrive on arrival, double check with the waiter to make sure you'll recieve them f.o.c.

An extensive menu as you'd expect, we had a selection of curries, i had lamb dopiaza. I have to say hough that i really wasn't too impressed with the taste of the curry this particular night, i had to cake it in raita and onions from the pickle tray.

Oh well, everyone else seemed to enjoy there's. The final bill was a bit pricy too, 10 a head with no starter and just 1 drink!

Right the bogs, thats what we're really here for...

Situated at the back of the restaurant, the room has deep grey tiling, with a blue band half way up the wall, and it elegantly lit, very nice indeed!

There are 2 urinal basins, located under a top cistern, neatly plumbed in, and well kept, with p*ss stones too!

There was one sh*tter in here, white with a wooden seat. There was a bog brush on hand for those nasty curried craps, but there was no bog roll left! just two empty rolls on top of the cistern, and a few sheets on the floor, lucky i didn't need to drop my guts!

A single sink is set in blue srone, matching the tile strip, and is by a big mirror and hand dryer. Hot and Cold taps both work fine.

Overall, nice but with shortcomings on the food, price, and lack of sh*t wipe!


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