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'Big Long Tin Trough!' - photo from Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield
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'The Sh*thouse - check out the mosaic tiles!' - photo from Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield
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'top of pub bog, no brush!' - photo from Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield
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'out of order' - photo from Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield
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'Nice broken p*ssed on sh*tter' - photo from Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield
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Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield

Chicago Rock Cafe
Unit 187, The Silk Works
Pickford St
SK11 6JD
  Tel: 01625 502893
Fax: 01625 617828
Web: Chicago Rock Cafe

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 12/7/2008 3:17:21 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

Chicago Rock Macc hey?

This place can either be tediously crap or worringly amusing. Watching Macc's middle aged folk dancing to sh*te such as Grease Lightning. And the young folk who go in looking for mature crumpet or chubby chasing!

The pub itself is quite large, a central bar, with a trademark chicago round dance floor, and a small performance stage.

To the back of the main room is a second bar.

Prices wise, pints are 1.80 - 2.00 ish, fairly reasonable. The usual offerings of Fosters, John Smiths and Guinness, the cider is Blackthorn. Good selection of bottles and spirits. During the day i believe the prices are lower, and food is available, mainly american style junk food.

There is a second room offering American Pool on 4 tables, but be warned, a 10 deposit is required for the cues, nice of them to be trusting isn't it?

After the gruelling punishment your ears must take listening to Wham, Cher and The Village People, it will be quite understandable if you need to be physically sick.

With that in mind, or if you need a slash or a dump, you will before long be visiting the toilets.

Opening the double-door, you are presented with a pleasant surprise!

A big long double p*ss-trough! A few p*ss soaps are in it to wee up and down the trough.

Opposite are the sinks and a mirror for squeezing zits on!

The pans are quite amusing too, standard enough and well presented, but nice finishing touches such as the small mosaic tiles on the floor!

No bog brush though, so i hope there are no giant skiddies in the pan!

I should imagine late at night the bogs seats are often covered in urine from fat blokes who can't aim straight after their 14th pint! But this is not unique to chicago rock.

All in all, not my cup-of-tea to regularly, but a popular hang-out, and the bogs do well to lift its status in my books.


Update Feb 2005...

It looks as if some of us just can't get enough of Sh*tty Beer and Flab Fancying! Aren't the staff here just So Attractive?

Anyhow, here is the bog at the top of the pub...

A small self-contained sh*tter, with sink, soap etc.

Decor is similar to the main bog, grey tiled walls to the side, yellow at the back, with flush handle, and some mosaicing on the floor!

The bog is white and relatively clean compared with the other, i'm sure it gets a p*ss soaking from time to time though!

No Bog Brush!

Revised Total 5/10

Update - Feb 2006 -

What a f*cking disgrace!

nipped to the gents with heavy traffic building up in my sh*t piece, only to find both lavvies are bastarding shut!

see the photo, its shocking!

revised total 4/10

this bar goes from Crap to Worse!

Update - Dec 2007 -

Went in again the other night, same old sh*te. Thee beer seems to have improved somewhat, which is something.

Went for a picc to discover one of the bogs had been completely f*cked, and was p*ss ridden, check out the new photo!

Still 4/10

There is currently 1 comment about Chicago Rock Cafe, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Helen Whitehead of Bollington

“Went in a couple of weeks ago, into the little toilet on the right as you go in. The stink of stale p*ss was so bad I wretched in the sink. I have never ever been in a toilet that smelt so.... bad. I left the loos and went straight out. If that is the level of higiene then I certainly didn't want to sample a drink or a meal. YAK ..... I will not go back. AVOID!”

Date: 12/6/2008 8:35:57 PM

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