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'check out the floor tiles' - photo from The Millstone Hotel, Manchester
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'1st class stones and cistern!' - photo from The Millstone Hotel, Manchester
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'nice window, sink and stuff' - photo from The Millstone Hotel, Manchester
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'plenty of crap roll' - photo from The Millstone Hotel, Manchester
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'seat covers' - photo from The Millstone Hotel, Manchester
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The Millstone Hotel, Manchester

The Millstone Hotel
65-67 Thomas Street
Greater Manchester
M4 1LQ
  Tel: 01618390213
Web: The Millstone Hotel

Added: 8/1/2005
Modified: 2/1/2012 4:37:35 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

A manchester hotel situated in the back streets, or as it is often known, the "porn district" of the town centre.

A quaint and pleasant establishment, this is a proper pub and hotel with proper decor, none of this modern sh*te. The place even has that "hotel" smell, nice!

A J.W Lees establishment, you will find bitter on tap at just 1.80, a pleasant change from town centre drinking.

Thinking of staying? Rooms start from 46 for a double, including breakfast, and visitors have included Prince Charles!

Food looks good too!

There is a fruit machine, and a nice barmaid to chat to, or why not just sit in the front open windows and soak up the manchester sun.

The crappers are to the right of the bar, through a wee corridor, and to a door on your left.

The first and most dominant feature of the gents is a striking period p*ss stone!

Nice big sloping walled stones, with lovely metal pipe-ends, probably original, see the photos for yourself!

The stone is piped from a high wall mounted cistern, and the whole setup oozes style and quality!

Check out the standing tiles to the floor of the stone too! nicely patterned, and certainly unusual.

The room is cream colour painted, with a few white tiles for splash protection.

Opposite the p*sser is a corner mounted sink by a tile paneled bay window, electronic hand dryer, and a condom machine, again all in good order.

Next to these is a door to the singular sh*t disposal system!

The bog is white, with a light brown seat, two rolls on top, excellent flushing action, and a nicely locking door, with the addition of a bog brush, what more could a man want?

Excellent 8/10

There are currently 2 comments about The Millstone Hotel, Manchester

#1: Comment left by Eddie of Salford

“nice & clean, very pleasent staff, good clean rooms 10/10”

Date: 2/16/2010 11:20:58 AM

#2: Comment left by safe t sit of safe t sit

“The Millstone has recently had a toilet seat cover vending machine fitted into the ladies toilets (see photo).

It's not something you are likely to find in a lot of hotels or pubs in this area but it's certainly an additional thing to consider when you have to go.

It's true the seats in the Millstone are as clean as any other public toilet seats but the option to use a cover to sit on is there if you feel the need.

At 1 for ten out of the vending machine in a handy little pack, ladies can pop them safely in their handbag and just pulled out whenever a visit to a public toilet is required.”

Date: 2/1/2012 4:30:08 PM

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