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'The loo - admire that oak finish.' - photo from The Dorset Soldier, Wimborne
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'Johnny machine - ribbed, featherlite and mints!' - photo from The Dorset Soldier, Wimborne
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'Two sinks - my idea of luxury' - photo from The Dorset Soldier, Wimborne
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The Dorset Soldier, Wimborne

The Dorset Soldier
Wareham Road
Corfe Mullen
BH21 3JZ
  Tel: 01202 694 403
Web: The Dorset Soldier

Added: 8/1/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

First up, it's worth pointing out that 'the DS' is split into two bars, and this review is purely of the nicer, newer, food-serving section rather than the chav-infested stink-pit of a public bar. Suffice to say that the other side is ming and best avoided.

The newly-refusbished bar in this review, however, is BRILL. Ambient lighting, comfy sofas, pleasant atmosphere, spunky barmaids and a decent range of bitters make for a pleasant evening. And lots of nice fruit-based and chocolate-based drinks for the lady, which is always a bonus. It isn't the cheapest pub in the world, but you're paying for quality. That said, 2.60 for a 175ml glass of crappy red wine takes the p*ss a little.

But onto what you really want described - the sh*tter. Now, the recent refurbishment doesn't seem to have stretched to the gents, but I was still pretty impressed. Here's what you need to know:

* Urinals - two (or was it three?) pristine white bowl-shaped jobs, lacking in those little yellow smelly cubes, but otherwise very passable.

* Two sinks (two! just imagine!), hand-dryer and mirror (for the vain amongst you). Delighted to see the hand-dryer swivelled round to do hair as well - always a bonus.

* Good condom machine, selling mints as well. Happy days - means you stand a much better chance of using the teat-enders in the first place.

* Ah, the bog itself. Good quality wooden seat for comfort, plenty of leg room, bog brush supplied - all good. Low-quality toilet paper a downside, but I've seen worse.

Overall, an easy 4/5 for the bog and a decent 8/10 for the pub as a whole. Well done, Dorset.

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