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'3 urinals' - photo from The Dudley Arms, Rhyl
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'corner sink bowl' - photo from The Dudley Arms, Rhyl
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'durex a plenty' - photo from The Dudley Arms, Rhyl
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'nice crapper!' - photo from The Dudley Arms, Rhyl
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The Dudley Arms, Rhyl

The Dudley Arms
153 High Street
LL18 1UF
  Tel: 01745 360981

Added: 8/13/2005
Modified: 4/5/2012 9:20:39 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is located under the bridge in / out of Rhyl, by the train station.

This pub is amazing! Imagine a pub that looks like it was shut down 20 years ago in a poor state of repair, then left to run to rot, then re-opened in the last year or two.... Welcome to the Dudley Arms!

The building itself is currently held up by scaffolding, which makes the effect even better!

There is a dirty pool room, with a ripped beer stained table, some limited ammounts of wallpaper, torn of course, and the room seems to have its own resident flys too!

The main room / bar isn't all that bad, but not too good mind. There are a few tables, the bar itself is not bad. 2.35 for Carling, cans of Coke weighing in at a reasonable 80p too!

The side room is used for live bands. The pub recently hosted the Dirty Weekend punk festival, which was sh*t hot!

This room is down and has a chracter all of its own. Old wooden wall furniure to sit / lean on as you watch a band in this seedy little room. The sound was a bit sh*t on a recent visit though, but what else can we expect?

The sh*thouse is located at the back of the pub, off the main room..

The room is white tiled with a dark floor. Tiles go up to a reasonable height, after which the walls are a purpley blue.

For the upright p*ss depleter, there are 3 nicely shaped urinal bowls, neatly spaced and well plumbed, plastic piping to the bottom, and a dark metal pipe for water delivery. There were a few p*ss soaps, and i was impressed with them.

There is a singular window above these. To your left is a condom machine, with 2 durex varieties, next to this is the door to the crapper.

Opposite the p*ssers is a small corner mounted sink, twin tapped, with a soap dispenser and a hand dryer on the wall, the dryer worked a treat.

The bog cubicle has a lot of character too. A narrow room, again with white tiling, you can appreciate the black border pattern on the top of the tiles here.

The sh*tter is white with a black seat, it was fairly clean, but stank of sh*te!

There is an interesting black valve thing to the upper right of the pan, not too sure what it was for, probably been p*ssed on by lots of drunk men too, so i didnt inspect it too closely, this is next to a window, which housed the purpley blue bog brush, matched the all paint colour!

There was paper in the large bog roll holder, but have a crap as i did and you will discover that the door does not lock so you'll have to use an arm or foot to hold the door shut as you crap, or risk being discovered!

Overall, sh*t, but sh*t-hot! 8/10

There are currently 3 comments about The Dudley Arms, Rhyl

#1: Comment left by Mark of Ullapool

“The Dudley Arms is the best f*cking pub there is, the owners kick ass and everyone loves Brian.”

Date: 8/20/2009 8:58:50 PM

#2: Comment left by Idris of Cymru

“I shat on this very bog, the black cover tends to hide the spatters. I had taken a dose of Epson that day.

Date: 11/6/2009 6:50:16 AM

#3: Comment left by pete of rhyl

“this is now closed”

Date: 4/3/2012 7:05:50 PM

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