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'steel trough' - photo from The Durham Ox, Macclesfield
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'well stocked sh*tter!' - photo from The Durham Ox, Macclesfield
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'sink etc, mop in background' - photo from The Durham Ox, Macclesfield
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The Durham Ox, Macclesfield

The Durham Ox
68 Hurdsfield Road
SK10 2QJ
  Tel: 01625 423598

Added: 8/13/2005
Modified: 1/9/2013 10:25:04 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is at the bottom of Hurdsfield Road, opposite The Woodman pub.

It is a strange old pub really, enter throught the front door to find the big-ish bar, which extends round the corner info a seating room.

And to your right on entrance is a large games room with Boddingtons Table Football, Darts and Pool, the darts and football are free of charge too!

The bar is well stocked, a pint of Boddies is order of the day.

The decor is in need of a lick of paint, but the pub is very friendly and there was no trouble encountered.

To get to the bogs, located outside, you can either go through the games room, or the seating room.

The room has cream coloured paint, which sits well with the black tiling, up to approx 1 metre. The floor tiles are the red / brown mix-match which we see quite often in these parts.

on your right is a trough, opposite is the sink area, and straight ahead is the crapper.

The Trough is a steal one, with three flush outlets, wall mounted to the floor. It was a pit p*ss-stained, but what can you expect, it was in good nick though, but there were no soaps.

The crapper was excellently stocked though. There was a roll holder, full, and a spare roll on the bog top too. A white brush, and a carton of something or other, they have really pushed the boat out here, or should that be pushed a float out!

The bog itself is all white, with a nice cistern shape, and metal handle, looked good, almost polished!

out the crapper to the sink... a single white sink, with soap and dryer on hand, and all is working well.

on exit of the sh*thouse we see a mop and another random carton of something, maybe its cleaning fluid, either way, the place was quite clean anyhow.

Worth seeing, not bad at all 7/10

There are currently 2 comments about The Durham Ox, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Paul Truswell of Hurdsfield

“Had an excellent pint of Robbie's in here today for 2.30. Prices reduced on draught ales and lagers across the piece; defo well worth a visit - nice open fire as well :)”

Date: 12/13/2011 6:14:17 PM

#2: Comment left by annonymous of macclesfield

“Can't wait to meet the new landlord Lee heard he is such a friendly family man”

Date: 1/8/2013 9:47:04 PM

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