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'Welcome to the Barnfield!' - photo from The Barnfield, Macclesfield
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'The Three P*ss Pots!' - photo from The Barnfield, Macclesfield
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'Lots of P*ss Soaps!' - photo from The Barnfield, Macclesfield
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'nice bog brush basil!' - photo from The Barnfield, Macclesfield
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'sink area, mirror, condoms.' - photo from The Barnfield, Macclesfield
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The Barnfield, Macclesfield

The Barnfield
24 Catherine Street
SK11 6ET
  Tel: 01625 423194
Web: The Barnfield

Added: 8/19/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Is this pub on Bond Street, no, its on the end of Bond Street by Chestergate, a small patch of road called Catherine Street.

The is a Robbies pub through-and-through. Total no-nonsense sh*t, shabby in appearance, but exquisite in chracter.

A warm welcome awaits you, enter the door to find a small tv lounge to your right, a pool room to your left, and a bar area straight ahead.

Try a pint of Robbie's Bitter, or Unicorn as it is now known. Also on offer are the usual Robinson's offerings such as Hatters Mild, along with Carling, Strongbow and Guinness. A reasonable selection of bottles and spirits make the choices up too.

Why not wash your pint down with some sweets from behind the bar? or for the most adventurous of you, there is a selection of "Assorted Barm Cakes" available for a pound a piece! They really know how to spoil us here!

The TV lounge features Sky Sports and a few seats / tables. The pool room is a little cramped, even for the small sized table, especially when thee are spectators. But the table is a steal at just 40p a game, Blimey!

On the juke box is some common pub sh*te, but also a few gems such as Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, Eh Up Lets Sup!

The final seating area is to the left of the bar, overlooking the pool room through a hold in the wal construction, this area leads to the sh*thouses too!

From the back of the room, take a quick left, then a sharp right, through the usually wedged open frosted glass panel door, and you wil be be greated by an excrement reception in the gents!

The floor in the room is made up of brown and cream tiles, which were clean in presentation, but get a lot of p*ss on no doubt. The walls are white tiled to the ceiling, and the room is quite light and spacey.

On the left are a michevous gang of three p*ss pots! White, of good construction, neatly piped with plastic underneath, and steel tubing to the top.

There is attention to detail here, with generous portions of p*ss soap, and there are also two metal ash trays to the tops of the p*ssers!

Past the end p*sser, and through an appropriately brown door is the single sh*t deposit box!

It is a white pan, with white seat, and steal handle. But it belnds into the surroundings impeccably, and the white enclosed bog brush just steals the show!

There is a clear plastic roll holder, well stocked, and the room smells good, go on, sniff that sh*te!

Back out the sh*tter, and opposite the urinals are the sinks. There are two of these, wall mounted, and held up by copper piping, quite well presented, hot and cold taps, and a frosted window in between to let the light in, i believe the beer garden is outside from here. Also on the window sill is an air freshener, a welcome addition in a pub selling barm cakes!

A bar of soap is "on hand" and there is a mirror next to the right hand sink to squeeze any problem spots on!

To the left is quite an old electronic hand dryer, with a red button, but it works a treat!

Right, thats about it, just the condom machine to visit on the way back into the pub, it is located next to the mirror by the door, sotck up before they run out!

A nice friendly pub, and a great place to sh*t!


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