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'Railway P*sser' - photo from The Railway View, Macclesfield
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'Drop a Railway Sleeper!' - photo from The Railway View, Macclesfield
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The Railway View, Macclesfield

The Railway View
Byrons Lane
SK11 7JW
  Tel: 01625 423657

Added: 9/26/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Located at the foot of the hill up Byron's Lane, the Railway is a quaint little Real Ale pub with plenty of character.

This pub has a fair few memories under it's roof, i actually started drinking here at the dear young age of 14. Four pints of Guinness and a Beef and Cheese Toastie, along with a game of feathers, used to go down a reet treat!

The pub layout has altered slightly since those days. You enter through a double door porch to be greated by the warm atmosphere little pub.

There is a pool table in front of you as you enter, a nice cloth, and the longish enclosed bar is to your right.

On tap are the regulars of Carling, Strongbow, Guinness, and Real Ale a plenty... From the local Storm Brewing offerings, to Robbies specials, and beers from all over the UK.

The atmosphere in here is good, and the people are friendly. Decoration is nice and pub-like, a stupid massive 36" Samsung Telly provides the modern touch!

Double back towards the front door, pool table and telly to find the Gents hidden away in a door camouflaged with old beer pump fronts, like most of the rest of the pub walls!

You have two choices on entrance, Left into the tightly spaced r-shaped p*ss stone, or right to the singular sh*tting pan!

There is room for 4 or 5 men to p*ss at a squeeze, stood on the brown tiled floor as they aim and deliver in this dinky room.

Sights to take in include the high rised cistern, and an advert framed over the p*sser.

Back out, u turn and you pass the sink and trimmings before the p*sser, opposite the entrance door. There really isn't too much room in here, so its best to get your bearings when p*ssed, or you will be trapped for eternity!

The sink is a little one, with a hand pump soap placed on top, and a choice of either disposable hand towel, or a nice vintage hand dryer, more than adequate for the ale drinker.

Lastly we check out the sh*tting cubicle.

The space is adequate for big fat beer guzzlers, a white pan with a black plastic seat sits proudlt in the centre. There is a window at the back, if you atand on the sh*tter you may get a view of the railway track, but dont slip or you will end up in a foot covered in excrement!

nice white bog brush, lots of paper, and a good locking action on the old wooden door, very nice indeed.

A Great Pub 8/10

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