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'nice p*ss guard' - photo from The Bradley Court Hotel, Scarborough
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'drop your breakfast!' - photo from The Bradley Court Hotel, Scarborough
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'wash yourself!' - photo from The Bradley Court Hotel, Scarborough
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The Bradley Court Hotel, Scarborough

The Bradley Court Hotel
Filey Road
North Yorkshire
YO11 2SE
  Tel: 01723 360476
Fax: 01723 376661
Web: The Bradley Court Hotel

Added: 9/26/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

On the South Bay, this hotel is a wee walk out of the town centre, along the big brisge onto the Filey Road. A sizeable hotel with 40 En-Suite Rooms, B&B, with other meals available, also used for functions etc.

A quick note about the rooms, nicely decorated, nice and comfy bed. Colour TV, Telephone, Trouser Press, Tea and Coffee bits, En-Suite Shower, Sink, Sh*thouse etc.

The Restaurant is where breakfast is served from. To start we have cereals, milk and orange juice. On offer are Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Rice Crispies, Weetabix, Grapefuit Juice, along with milk or orange juice in a wine glass from a jug!

To Your table, and you will find toast and jam, you will then have a choice of Tea or Coffee, or be cheeky and request both!

For the main breakfast, the menu lists Yorkshire Breakfast, Eggs on Toast, and a number of other options, extras and topups can be requested free-of-charge too, so make sure you fill your face!

Righto, so we've established what the hotel and breakfast is like, so how about the Public Bar?

Well its a fair sized bar well lit, showing of a selection of spirits etc to the rear. To the front are the tap offerings, the usual Guinness, Lager and Cider, along with Tetley Bitter.

Also available is wine, tea, coffee and snacks.

The bar is very busy at night, especially when events in town mean that the hotels are in demand.

Where are the bar toilets i hear you ask?

Well, they are actually located from out in the hotel foyer. Descend down some steps to the front entrance, then u turn to your left, down some further steps, before entering the door to the gents...

A much colder and plainer room, with a hint of urine in the air, these toilets definatley fit their place as Pub Toilets, rather than hotel room toilets.

There are two cubicles opposite as you enter, two urinals to your right, and a sink area to the left.

The urinals are a nice pair, with a p*ss splash plate in the middle, set on white tiles, and complimenting the blackish floor colour. There is a p*ss filter in one of them, and some slash soaps!

To the crappers, we choose the one on the right for inspection...

A wooden door with silver handle on the cubicle leads you to a suitably white sh*tter, with a nicely contrasting black plastic seat, handle to the rear left, flushes nicely, and there is a big plastic roll holder, as well as a more domestic roll on top of the cistern if you prefer.

Why not sh*t out that big breakfast?

To the sink area...

The sink is small, but adequate and both taps work well, immediately above is a useful mirror so as you can check how rough you look from the night before.

Soap is full, and for frying options there is a dryer and towels, with a bin of course.

Overall, a good hotel, complimented by ture pub style sh*thousing.


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