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'lovely p*ssers' - photo from Scarborough Tandoori, Scarborough
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'sink, soap and curry, great mix!' - photo from Scarborough Tandoori, Scarborough
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'which bog to use?' - photo from Scarborough Tandoori, Scarborough
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'pass the bogroll waiter!' - photo from Scarborough Tandoori, Scarborough
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Scarborough Tandoori, Scarborough

Scarborough Tandoori
48-52 St Thomas St
North Yorkshire
YO11 1DR
  Tel: 01723 352 393
Fax: 01723 366 364
Web: Scarborough Tandoori

Added: 9/27/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This curry house is situated on St. Thomas Street, roughly opposite the Sun
Inn public house.

"Scarborough Tandoori Restaurant is the longest established Indian
Restaurant in Scarborough and is renowned for the quality of the service
and food." or so the official website states...

Enter the front doorsa, and you are greeted by a small seating area, to
sit and wait when busy. A waiter quickly arrives to see how large your
party is, and you are offered drinks immdiately, if required, from the
bar which is directly behind the seating area.

On tap are both Indian and European lagers, along with Bitter. Guinness,
Strongbow, Wines and Spirits are also available.

I would have to report that the food here is excellent.

We had popadoms and pickles, skipped the starter, then had a variety of curries including Chicken Dupiaza, Korma, and several more, Pilau Rice, Naan Bread, it was all good stuff after a night on the p*ss!

So how are the toilets?

Well, like the rest of the curry house, they are decorated very well..

Enter through a door to find an unusal layout opposite. A "U" shape, with two cubicles left and right. Before we get to that we see the urinals to the left, and the sinks to the right.

The room is cream coloured, with attractive dark beige and black patterned tiles to abpprox 1 metre. 2 urinals sit effortlessly on this backdrop, with just the U Bend at the bottom, all other piping is concealed in the wall, Pupe-Guards are in place, and ther is a little bit of p*ss soap too.

Opposite is a single sink, set again on the beigey/brown colour, this time a worktop. Also here are two hand soaps, a generous mirror, and a hand dryer.

To the toilet to the right, and we find a plain white bog and seat, sat in a snug little cubicle, fatty's beware you may struggle in here!

The room is pleasant and well kept, with a concealed cistern in the cubicle wood, silver flush handle matches the silver/chrome bog brush and holder.

There was a roll holder on the cistern panel, but another roll had been placed on top as well for easy reach.

Good Curry, Good Sh*thouse 7/10

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