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'Fools Nook P*ss Stones' - photo from The Fools Nook, Macclesfield
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'Fools Nook Toilet Layout' - photo from The Fools Nook, Macclesfield
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'Fools Nook P*sser Cistern' - photo from The Fools Nook, Macclesfield
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'Fools Nook Crapper' - photo from The Fools Nook, Macclesfield
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'Fools Nook - What a Beauty!' - photo from The Fools Nook, Macclesfield
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The Fools Nook, Macclesfield

The Fools Nook
A523 Leek Road
SK11 0JF
  Tel: 01260 253 662

Added: 9/28/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Heading out of Macc on the Leek Road, the Fools Nook is roughly opposite the Canal Swinging Bridge, and just past the Speeed Camera if heading from Macc.

For reference, the speed camera is set to trap at 50mph, then almost immediately after you must brake and swing in to your left for the pub car park, they really haven't left much of a gap n the wall!

A big car park, but i've never seen it look too full. from here you can admire the white detached pub building, and the beer garden to the rear.

Lets have a look inside.

On entrance we have two options from the porch, left to the food area, and right to the bar. Right it is then!

A small bar in an L shape, with an L shaped room to hug.

On tap are Carling, Kronenbourg, Guinness, Strongbow, Boddies. Many bottles and spirits too.

Sit down at one of the few wooden topped tables and take in the wall decor, which is music orientated. There is a burnt manuscript, an acoustic guitar, a drum, and several old recors on top of the bar, the most memorable of which is Guns n' Roses - Lies!

The bar staff, including an eastern european bar girl, are usually friendly and helpful, and prices are ok for a middle-of-knowhere bar.

For the toilets, go past the bar, through a door to your left, then an entrance to your right, then a door to your left, did you get all that?

The room is a dimley lit white fully tiled room, with a grey tiled floor.

A strange layout, a p*ss sotne to your right, then nowt much on the opposite wall, possibly due to the narrow layout, then we pass a hand dryer to the sink at the far end of the room, and a door to the sh*tter, next to the trough, you will get a good idea from the photos.

The p*ss stone is big and white, made of three big p*ss slabs, two sides and a p*ss gutter. it looks and smells good, nicely piped, though the pipes look a bit old and condensated, and there are no p*ss soaps! there is a raised p*ss platform though!

the raised upper cistern is nice too.

The sh*tter is a plain white bog in a small cubicle, with dark wooden seat and a metal roll holder, well stocked, nothing unusual here, bog brush too.

Out to the sink, and it is a small one, both taps working. There are two in built soap dispensers, presumabely from different installation dates, but a hand pump by the taps too, clearly the old ones must be f*cked.

A plain unframed mirror sits above the sink, and below the only window.

To the left of the sink, on the wall oppoite the p*sser is the real beauty though.

An old vintage hand dryer, called a Vitaire Automatic, with instructions including "Keep Hands Moving", check out the nicely shaped unit in the photos.

Overall, small but nice, the hand-dryer being the cherry on the otherwise dull and average cake.


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