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'Angels P*ss in here!' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'nice ash trays!' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'behind closed doors...' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'be an angel, wash your hands!' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'New Metal Trough' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'Urinal with anti-splash plate!' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'Angel Gents Toilet 2009' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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'One Tap Sink, New Dryer' - photo from The Angel Inn, Scarborough
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The Angel Inn, Scarborough

The Angel Inn
46 North Street
North Yorkshire
YO11 1DF
  Tel: 01723 365504

Added: 9/30/2005
Modified: 5/7/2009 8:48:13 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Heading towards the castle from the town centre, we stumble accross this gem of a pub.

We stagger in on a saturday afternoon's supping, to find a good sized square pub, with a large square bar to the centre back, creating a U-shaped pub area.

What the F*ck??? There are trays of sausages and chicken nuggets on the bar!!!

As we queue for a pint, mine's a Carling, we pluck up the courage to ask about the sausages, presuming there must be a party on. But no, apparently its free sausages every saturday for the punters! and there is sh*tloads of them, at least 4 trays full of sausages and nuggets, with napkins on hand too!

This pub is a must for a return visit!

we sit down to a table at the back of the pub, nice comfy stools, and a table to put your pints and sausages on.

The room is well decorated too, quite old style, but there are cheeky postcards to look at, and a dart board with an electronic scoring system. Result!

Right, all this sausage munching has made me need a sh*t, take me to the gents!

An old looking white tiled room, with green doors, hides a nice old 3 pane p*ss stone, sink area, and a crapper.

The p*ss stone is nice, and smells of good p*ss aroma, there were a few p*ss cakes in today.

the cistern is to the left, with a nice bit of pipework. above the p*sser is a nice bright window, with bars accross. The bars have been utilised excellently to hold two custom metal ash trays!

To the left of the p*ssers is a smallish sink, radiator, hand dryer or towles, and a long thin bordered mirror.

All was working fine, but i could find no soap, not good on sausage day!

The crapper is in a wood-chip wallpapered cubicle, with a green wooden door.

It is a white bowel, with a black seat, and a matching white brush and well stocked paper holder.

And there was plenty of bog roll to go round as i shat out my sausages at the speed of light!

F*cking Nice One - 9/10


Update - May 2009:

We recently made a return to Scarborough's Angel Inn...

It wasn't a Saturday, so we can't confirm that the tradition of Saturday Sausages is still alive. However, it was a football night midweek, and by the time we arrived there had clearly been hot food served, and it smelt very sausagey!

The bar looked very similar, we got a few bitters and sat reading the amusing postcards on the wall.

The bar lady was friendly, and the bar seemed in good order.

A trip to the toilets reveals that there has been something of a refit in here.

The room has been completely re-tiled in big cream tiles.

The original urinal cistern appears to still be intact, but it now serves a modern metal p*ss trough instead of the old traditional p*ss stones!

The trough has a kin of anti-splash ledge at it's front, see photo, so you shouldnt get sprinkled trousers!

Above the urinal area, one half of the window is now boarded up!

The toilet cubicle looked very similar to before, aside from the new wall tiling, I'd say this may well be the same toilet bowl.

The door locked, and there was loo roll and a brush.

The sink now has just one tap, with the other tap hole covered up.

Soap was available and there is now a new hand dryer!

Great Pub - Nice Refit, shame the stones have gone though!


There is currently 1 comment about The Angel Inn, Scarborough

#1: Comment left by Billy Smith of Sunderland

“Yes, The Sausage Pub, I have fond memories from a few years ago. I hope they still do it, might find out in the summer when i go back. Would love to check the toilets out too, they look smashing.”

Date: 2/15/2008 2:50:38 PM

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