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'p*ssers galore!' - photo from Barracuda Bar, Scarborough
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'nice classy bog!' - photo from Barracuda Bar, Scarborough
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Barracuda Bar, Scarborough

Barracuda Bar
4-13 St Nicholas St
North Yorkshire
YO11 2ES
Added: 12/6/2005
Modified: 6/23/2008 3:12:50 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

This bar is bloody massive!

Enter to find a long thin pub in front of your eyes, modernly decorated, with a huge bar to your right, additional rooms to your left and to the far side of the pub!

One thing will strike you as impressive. approach the bar with 6 mates, and all 6 of you will likely get your own personal bar person to serve you! we were impressed!

relax with a pint of lager in the many comfy seating areas, take in the tunes of the night's DJ, or watch the sport on TV as you chat with friends.

Also enjoy the fine decor, and a touch of class that shines throughout this bar!

Where are the bogs you say, well they're actually downstairs, shall we take a look?

F*ckin Hell i hear you say as you enter the bog room for the first time, its massive down here too!

Some sinks to your right, before you see the jewel in the crown, a whole long wall off p*ssers, 10 of the f*ckers at least!

All neatly spaced and presented, mounted well on the white tiled walls, and upon the charcoal tiled floor!

The bogs are opposite, and these are nice too, plain white with white seat, but set on a dark wooden cistern, it just oozes class, as your arsehole might oooze a sweaty runny fish-and-chip seaside sh*te!

There was a bit of paper on the floor of our sample sh*tter, but it did not lower the high standard too much!

The sinks are good too, but best get back to our beer!

Classy 8/10

There is currently 1 comment about Barracuda Bar, Scarborough

#1: Comment left by Suzy of Scarborough

“you might want to have another look at the Barracuda toilets in Scarborough (or not!)... I can't vouch for the gents', but there are 13 stalls in the ladies and only around 5 of them ever have the essential combo of locking door, loo seat, and toilet paper. They are always mucky too. Any port in a storm I guess, and I've seen much worse, but definitely not recommended!”

Date: 6/23/2008 11:31:30 AM

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