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'nice yellow soaps' - photo from The Pickwick Inn, Scarborough
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'sink, and to the bog' - photo from The Pickwick Inn, Scarborough
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'pickwick toilet bowl' - photo from The Pickwick Inn, Scarborough
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'dry your hands, then buy some condoms!' - photo from The Pickwick Inn, Scarborough
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The Pickwick Inn, Scarborough

The Pickwick Inn
41 Huntress Row
North Yorkshire
YO11 2ED
  Tel: 01723 375 787
Fax: 01723 366 119

Added: 12/6/2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This bar / hotel is located up the hill from the south coast beach, not far from the finicular cliff railway system.

A long thin pub, well lit during the day, with a good atmosphere, and a good bar.

Why not chill with a few mates and enjoy some Guinness as you listen to the jukebox, or watch the tv sport.

Upstairs is a hotel, the bar has an ideal location if you are staying over after a party filled evening!

The toilets are to the rear of the pub, and through a few doors you will arrive at the gents.

A well lit room of marble effect walls, magnificently set on the plain grey patterned floor.

For p*ssing there is a large steel trough set on the far wall from the door, yellow p*ss-soaps, 4 flush dispensers, and two overhanging steel ash trays make this a p*sser to write home about!

All smelling good, and in good repair!

To the right of this p*sser is a small stainless steel sink, with soap, and a dustbin to the bottom of its marble mount platform.

All working hunky-dory!

Opposite is a hnad dryer, and condom machine. Hand dryer works ok, and the contraceptive machine vends either 2x Ribbed Condoms, or a "Lucky Dip" at just 1.00!

The single cubicle is through a dark brown door, past the sink, and by the matching brown door to exit the room.

A white toilet, with a lighter than the door brown seat awaits you!

clean and tidy, with matching brush, the flush handle, metal, is mounted on the marble wall, and there is a large white well stocked paper roll dispenser, the door had a good locking action.

No worries here, recommended!


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