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'through the door' - photo from Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield
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'tidy sink area' - photo from Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield
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'sinks and urinals' - photo from Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield
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'a dark and misetrable sh*tter' - photo from Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield
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'a plethora of p*ss pots' - photo from Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield
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Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield

Number Fifteen - 15s
Park Green
SK11 7NA
Added: 2/3/2006
Modified: 2/21/2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Number Fifteen, or 15s as it is commonly known, is the lastest establishment to try its luck in this pub location in Macc.

Yates Wine Lodge survived 2 or 3 years here, but the ill-fated American Bar and Grill faired less well, can 15s survive where these pub chains failed?

We believe they can...

Aimed at an older, more upper class, clientelle, the bar is certainly unique within Macclesfield.

The emphasis in the decoration is on the unique.

The bar is packed with various different seating enclosures, with unique and individual seats, sofas and stools. Cushions are provided, and you are quite spoilt by comfort, dryed flowers and music at that "just right" volume provide the finishing touches.

The bar has ditched its "black" decor, American Bar and Grill's look - it is now wallpapered, and lighting is bordering on mellow yellow, with candle chandaleera, and orange shaped lights, again of very ecsquisite taste.

Right, enough of the fancy decor, this is a pub, so lets buy a drink.

The bar is well presented, with a reasonable but not too vast range.

Lager is Fosters or Kronenbourg, prices are not for the faint hearted, Fosters weighs in at 2.70, i didnt dare ask how much Kronenbourg or Guinness were!

The bar is aimed at the upper end of the market, yeah the prices are steep, but the beer tatses good, and the bar is ravishingly well presented.

Right, p*ss time, the bogs are still located in upstairs, as per Yates / Bar and Grill.

For a radiantly well presented bar, you'll be in for a huge disappointment.

Whereas not being bad toilets, the gents are no improvement on the old Bar and Grill bogs, did the kitty for refurbishment run out at the bog door? I think it did.

Well, lets re-document it anyway....

you enter the gents through a double door, the second of which has a viewing window, looking in onto a bank of sinks.

to your immdiate right you will see a plethora of p*ssers, in a big long line into the distance, and opposite these are some cubicles.

the room is a little bit dimly lit, walls are cream with black tills to the bottom, and a white and black diamond tiled floor.

The p*ssers are well spaced and well kept, all white, with cisterns to the ceiling.

The sink area is also clean, with 4 large mirrors to inspect yourself in.

The cubicles are a bit more of a disappointment.

I chose the one at the far end, and it was very dark, i could hardly see to handle me cock!

white bog, with a nice wooden seat, in a brown cubicle. There is a large white roll holder in each, and there was a spare roll on the ledge to the back of the sh*tter in this particular cubicle, very let down by the light though.

Overall, nice classy bar, but the bogs are disappointing


There is currently 1 comment about Number Fifteen - 15s, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Anonymous of Macclesfield

“didn't last long, felt like it was halloween every night of the week with those lanterns! its 'mother goose' now??? don't ask.”

Date: 2/21/2008 12:56:33 PM

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