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'A University Pan! Wonder what it's studying?' - photo from University of Manchester Union, Manchester
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'L-Shaped bog, very nice indeed!' - photo from University of Manchester Union, Manchester
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'Got sh*t on your fingers? Wash it off!' - photo from University of Manchester Union, Manchester
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'Get Some Johnnys! £2 I think!' - photo from University of Manchester Union, Manchester
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'The notorious fountain sink, taken when p*ssed!' - photo from University of Manchester Union, Manchester
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University of Manchester Union, Manchester

University of Manchester Union
Oxford Rd
Greater Manchester
M13 9PR
  Tel: 0161 275 2930
Fax: 0161 275 2936
Web: University of Manchester Union

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Manchester University Student's Union, combining the main union bar, MDH (manchester Debating Hall) and The Hop and Grape, now known respectively as Manchester Academy 2 and Academy 3.

The main bar is a popular hang-out for students of all Manchester's Universities, and is generally friendly and a good night.

In the large bar are two pool tables, quiz machines, fruit machines, and a massive projector telly. Good music usually fills the airwaves!

To the right of the room is a pizzeria, offering pizza and hot snacks late into the night.

The bar itself is well stocked too, and at good prices. Pints include Carling @ 1.45, Strongbow @ 1.60, Guinness, Smooth etc. Lots of bottles, vodka milkshakes etc.

Regular functions include football matches, pool and quizzes (a tip for you, sit on the high tables and cheat in the quiz, benefitting as you will by being able to see 4-5 tables down below!)

Up the attractive open plan stairs to the first floor, we find another bar! Tables to chill out and catch up on study, or a few bevvies with your mates!

Also on this floor, through a double door, is Manchester Academy 2, the largest of the concert halls in this building.

A great band venue, with good sound. Many artists play here throughout the year, particular highlights of mine include The Wildhearts, Sepultura and Monster Magnet!

Up the stairs again we find the other band venue, The Academy 3.

A smaller venue, but with the added bonus of the bar being at the back of the room. Higher prices than downstairs, but still cheap with it being a students union.

Great sound and atmosphere in here!

Right, enough waffle, you want to know about the pans don't you?

Well lets start at the top and work down :)

The top floor bogs are fairly standard, just for use when gigs are on really. A few pans, urinals etc, to little a room to get over excited about.

The middle floor is more impressive.

A large L-shaped tin trough provides plenty of p*ss targeting, the pans are quite roomy in their cubicles, but you won't find a bog brush here!

Sinks and a mirror are on hand, oh and whats that i see in the mirror?...

Yep, theres a useful johnny machine incase you're caught without, Ribbed and Feather-Lite are the usual stock. Worth a few quid, if you don't pull you can always have a posh w*nk!

Now to the main bogs, situated in the entrance to the building, by the box office.

The bogs and troughs are similar to upstairs, but the main attraction is the fountain wash basin in the middle, its a classic. A big round steel thing where the water fountains doen onto your hands!

the first time i saw it i thought it was the p*sser, realised just in time whilst getting my lenghth out!

All in all a good place with standard bogs, but a triumphant fountain sink!


There is currently 1 comment about University of Manchester Union, Manchester

#1: Comment left by Ian Steele of Manchester Uni

“Just been to the gig tonight, was just amazed by the quality and sheer beauty of this restroom. particulary impressed by the L-shaped trough. didnt just go 4 a number one either... dont know if anyone else felt the mindblowing ambience of the 2nd cubicle... great work Manchester University, you really have done the North West proud.

Keep the good work up with website boys, I tune in daily! ”

Date: 4/11/2008 1:10:20 AM

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