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'the steel trough' - photo from Little Jacks Bar, Scarborough
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'drop a gooden!' - photo from Little Jacks Bar, Scarborough
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'twin sh*tters!' - photo from Little Jacks Bar, Scarborough
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Little Jacks Bar, Scarborough

Little Jacks Bar
Corner Complex
North Bay
North Yorkshire
YO12 7YU
  Tel: 01723 362 079

Added: 2/7/2006
Modified: 6/23/2008 3:35:57 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is at the start of the north bay of the town, and shares it's building, and it's toilets infact, with an eat in and takeout cafe, in the other half of the building.

Lets take a look in little jacks....

Well, it's quite a roomy little bar, layed out in seating areas with a central bar, this is afterall an eating pub in a tourist town.

Decor is simple but nice, large window panes bring in lots of ligh, and great views of the sea and cliffs.

we selected n eating cluster, and sat down on the very comfy seats to relax after some strenuous crazy golf!

Whilst waiting for your food, why not have a game on the itbox quiz machine, read the paper, or simply take in the views.

A couple of pints and a meal pushes a tenner for change, but the food we can recommend as excellent. try the "little jack" burger meal, we struggled to finish it, it was worthy of a great dump, so it was time to drop one....

The bogs, as mentioned previously, are shared with the cafe, but exit the pub door looking for the toilets, and you may feel a little lost.

The pub decor is not present in the shared area, it feels like a dreary old school corridor, with toilet rooms to the back, lets select the gents.

Well, the room is small, white tiles walls rise from a grey tiled floor, with 2 bluey purple cubicles, simple modern fittings.

There is a singular silver p*ss trough, with stains and soap to match, and a faint aroma of decaying urine to help wash down your food and drink.

Opposite this is a sink area, and hand dryer, nothing special here, but make sure you wash your hands, bugs can easily be picked up at the seaside!

opposite the sink, and back toward the exit door, are the two adjoined cubicles, with their diy-esque blue surrounds.

Well, lets try one, two of us are dying for a sh*ts.

Both are white with a black plastic seat, and a strange piping arrangement, incorporating the flush, up to the upper cistern.

Best described as plain, but the bowl caught my crap all the same.

Woah, there's a problem, theres only about 3 sheets of sh*te roll on the wall mounted sheet dispenser! luckily a friend is in the other sh*tter, and we have to pass the roll between us as we wipe up from our sh*tting expidition!

Bog flushed fine and dandy, and the experience was very relieving.

Overall, nice pub and food, bogs are a bit plain but serve their purpose.

Get some more bog roll!


There are currently 2 comments about Little Jacks Bar, Scarborough

#1: Comment left by Suzy of Scarborough

“This one has been demolished and is currently being replaced by some luxury flats, you might want to take it off the site?”

Date: 6/23/2008 11:34:07 AM

#2: Comment left by The Team of

“In response to Suzy's comments, we prefer to leave old pubs online, for reference purposes.

It's good you've left a comment though, as that's the best way to pass on the knowledge of the pub's demise.

On a plus note, the team plan to return to Scarborough in the near future, so expect more reviews from your great seaside town!

Suzy, why not put some pubs and photos on the site yourself? It would be good to see more ladies bogs online. To begin, follow the instructions on the Register page.”

Date: 6/23/2008 3:35:41 PM

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