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'grand old p*ss stone' - photo from The Lancaster, Scarborough
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'rolls a plenty' - photo from The Lancaster, Scarborough
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'soap and sink' - photo from The Lancaster, Scarborough
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'dryer, radiator, bin' - photo from The Lancaster, Scarborough
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The Lancaster, Scarborough

The Lancaster
45 Sandside
East Pier
North Yorkshire
YO11 1PG
  Tel: 01723 362 283

Added: 2/7/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is just up from the Newcastle Packet pub, and almost at the pier / harbour area of the south bay.

A long thin pub, plain in decoration, but with a long bar, and lots of seats.

Things to do include fruit machines, and a small pool table area to the top of the pub, well lit in the daytime.

Relax with a pint after trekking around all day!

The bogs are to the front of the bar, through a door way they await you!

There is a nice period p*ss stone here, with 4 p*ss bays with splash guards between.

It is a bit battered to the bottom, but this is a seaside town, it will have had a good battering from sea salt p*ss, its a beauty!

It sits well against the dark brown wall tiling, and is well illuminated in the day by the above window.

To the toilets, it is a white one with a brown seat, all seems ok. There is a big roll dispenser on the wall, but it appears not to be in use.... fear not though, as there are two normal domestice sh*t rolls on a ledge to the side, nice!

The sink area is small but neat, a little corner sink in white, again well sat on the brown surrounds, two soap dispensers too!

By the door, you will find the hand dryer, a radiator for those cold winter seaside days, and a bin for any litter to dispose of.

Great stuff


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