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'4 p*ssers' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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'a seat sir?' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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'condoms and p*ssers' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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'wash that p*ss off' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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'Sun Inn Toilet - With Seat!' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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'Sinks, Cistern, Left Urinals' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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'Right Urinals, Condom Dispensing Machine' - photo from The Sun Inn, Scarborough
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The Sun Inn, Scarborough

The Sun Inn
21 St Thomas Street
North Yorkshire
YO11 1DY
  Tel: 01723 341 067

Added: 2/7/2006
Modified: 5/2/2009 8:41:09 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

Out on the town? Then why not give the Sun Inn a go? we did, one friday night, and it was certainly interesting.

A smallish bar, best described as U shaped, with the bar to the center back, a small stage area to the front right, by the door, lots of seats, and bogs to the rear left.

We staggered in on a friday night crawl to find karaoke on the stage area, amusing as it was to watch the p*ssed folk singing, we purchased some beers and vodka, and relaxed to the rear of the pub for a chat.

Next thing we knew, two hookers we trying it on, touting for business, but i'd rather sample the delights of the beer tap than a dodgy scraborough fish pasty, so we f*cked them right off!

After a few more beers, the karaoke finished, and the front of the pub became a mini dance floor.

After all that excitement, its time to visit the bogs.

The gents are a classic! a large room really, yellowy beige uper tiles, on blue lowers, with a grey floor, seaside colours i guess.

There are four white p*ss hungry urinals, piped on one wall, with a small wall column seperating two from two.

The drainers are well piped up, white piping to the bottom, and stainless steel to the top, all in good order.

Opposite these are sinks, dryer and windows, but the best was still to come.

Check the sh*tter out! somebody has ripped the seat off the hinges!

Yeah its only a white plastic seat on a white bog, but its still a good find.

The bog was p*ss covered too, the lock on the cubicle door was f*cked, but there was at least a bit of bogroll on the back in-built cistern ledge, for the desperate and sh*t needy!

Just time to check out the jonny machine before we leave the room to inform friends of what the bog has in store!

Anyway, a great character of a pub, with impressive bogs, check the out.



Update - May 2009:

Many years have passed since we last visited The Angel Inn, so we thought we'd pop back for a bevvie!

It was a week night, with football on the tellys, and the place was reasonably busy and friendly.

I had a pint of Fosters Lager in here, it was quite nice, refreshing!

The bar seemed to have a fair few drinks offers on, presumably aimed at students.

Finding the toilets was a doddle, I'd remembered to go left from the bar.

My first visit was to the cubicle, following my memories of the ripped off seat from last time (see photo).

It was good to see a new seat intact, and the toilet in good order.

To compliment it, the bog roll was actually in the holder, and the cubicle door locked too!

The decor hasn't changed much, still yellow and blue themed.

I hadnt noticed last time, but all 4 urinals are fed from a single cistern, rather than two, that cistern being above the pair on the left.

The sinks and dryer worked well, the only new feature, comparing to the old photos, is a wooden notice / advert board near the left urinals / sinks.

The condom machine was here still too.

A good pub, with a good atmosphere, beer, people, and toilets.


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