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'a METAL bog' - photo from Manchester Metropolitan Union, Manchester
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Manchester Metropolitan Union, Manchester

Manchester Metropolitan Union
99 Oxford Road
Greater Manchester
M1 7EL
  Web: Manchester Metropolitan Union

Added: 2/9/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

This is the Students Union bar for Manchester Metropolitan University. The bar / building has been known by many different names over the past few years, including MMU, MMSU, Mancunion, and now MMunion.

The building sits under the shadow of the Mancunian Way, and on the opposite side of the concrete road building masterpiece is the BBC Manchester building.

The Building houses two bars, the Students Union Bar on the top floor, and K2 in the middle floor.

The SU Bar boasts cheap drinks, with Guinnes and Carling currently the special at just 99p! There is also Pool, and Fruit and Game Machines for your amusement.

A well lit open plan bar, with a good atmosphere.

Downstairs is K2, not usually open for general use, but open for many themed club nights, including Rock Kitchen - Manchester's Premier Rock Night.

The bar here is a lot smaller, and on busy night the only problem is the queueing up, can be a bit of a joke, i.e 45 minutes to get served, but what the f*ck, buy 10 pints, its only 1.50 a pint!

Rock Kitchen features two rooms of rock music to differing tastes, why not check it out, but after all that excitement, i expect you'll be needing a p*ss?

The bogs are to the back of the K2 Bar.

Enter the gents and you will find a u-turn layout room, the gang of sinks greeting you as you walk in, followed by a few cubicles opposite, and round the bend to a U-Setup of p*ss troughs.

Cleanliness isn't the best, there is a lot of p*ss on the floor, but waht the hell, its a busy bar, and drinks are cheap, so people cant see to p*ss.

The cubicles house steel silver bogs, very nice, but they are usually p*ss, sh*t and bogroll soaked too, and some c*nt has always used the last of the arse paper, bastards!

Oh well, you may just have to use your hand, then wash it off in the sinks.

A great place, with not the best bogs, but get enough cheap drinks down you and you will happily p*ss anywhere. We got p*ssed when compiling this review, hence there is only one photo, sorry.

Rock Kitchen comes highly recommended.


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