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'Have a Leisurely P*ss' - photo from Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Wilmslow
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'wash those sweaty hands!' - photo from Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Wilmslow
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'have a crap sir!' - photo from Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Wilmslow
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'Out Of Order - a F*cking Disgrace!' - photo from Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Wilmslow
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Wilmslow Leisure Centre, Wilmslow

Wilmslow Leisure Centre
Rectory Fields
  Tel: 01625 533 789
Web: Wilmslow Leisure Centre

Added: 2/24/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Wilmslow's Leisure Centre complex is situated in the heart of the town centre, opposite the Train Station.

A usual sort of leisure complex, council run, but nicely done out. There is a small pool, squash courts, badminton courts, gym, and several other facilities for private or function hire.

Why is it on Pub Toilets you may ask? well there is a cafeteria area, with a licenced bar, and it has toilets, so lets crack on.

A small nicely laid out cafeteria and bar is what you will find here, low tables to accomadate children. Why not grab a sandwich and a wagon wheel as you stare at the pool through the glass, or at the Yummy Mummy's that frequent this establishment.

The bar is in the far corner of the room, past the cafe counter and fridges.

It is small, but not badly stocked at all, John Smiths and Fosters on tap, a good basic selection of spirits, bottled beer inc Budweiser and Newcastle Brown Ale, as well as wine.

Prices are good, and everything tastes fine and dandy!

The toilets are out in the foyer of the centre.

To the gents...

Enter down a short alley, and take a right, opposite you will find a gang of p*ssers to your slight left, and a pair of cubicles to your right. opposite each of these, completing the room, are two sets of sinks and associated pieces.

The room is grey coloured. Grey diamond tiled floor, and grey fake walls, with dome black striping, see photos.

There are 3 white p*ss pot urinals, well spaced, and neatly plumbed into the false walling. There was p*ss soap a plenty on the review day too.

To the left of these is the first sink area, two sinks with hot and cold silver double taps, set in a grey worktop, with two oval mirrors above, a soap sandwiched in between, and a hand dryer to the right. All seemed to be in order, the dryer was crap though, too slow. You can see the slight difference in tiling here, grey and cream bathroom style tiling. Maybe the urinal area has a false wall front to make it easier to clean?

There are 2 cubicle toilets, situated to the right of the p*ssers.

Lets inspect the first. Again, in grey surround, the bog pans are white, with white plastic seat, roll holder, wall hidden cistern, and chrome handle. There was extra sh*t roll on the top ledge, but no sign of a bog brush, plus there was bog roll on the floor too!

The second sh*tter was out of order, see picture, what a disgrace!

The sinks opposite this one, but note that this hand dryer doesnt work!

All in all, a simple affair, well laid out, but poorly maintained.

A bit of a let down, but overall ok.


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