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'CAUTION' - photo from The Lion and Bell, Congleton
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'the big p*ss stone' - photo from The Lion and Bell, Congleton
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'sink and johny machine' - photo from The Lion and Bell, Congleton
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'p*sser and dryer' - photo from The Lion and Bell, Congleton
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'the dark gloomy bog' - photo from The Lion and Bell, Congleton
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The Lion and Bell, Congleton

The Lion and Bell
12 Mill St
CW12 1AB
  Tel: 01260 273384
Web: The Lion and Bell

Added: 3/8/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

The Lion and Bell is located on Mill Street, just down from The Counting House (Wetherspoons) and The Bulls Head (Hydes).

The pub is quite old, with a beam cealing look. There is a bar to you left as you enter, with a small seating area before, along with a quiz machine, and a retro video games machine, its a quid for 10mins though!

On the bar you will find a cracking pint of Guinness at 2.40 a pint, along with Newcy Brown, and why not treat yourself to a Jack Daniles and Coke.

Not sure of the time? There is a cracking John Smiths clock behind the bar, check it out!

To the right of the entrance are two small rooms, one with seating and one with a pool table.

Past the bar, to the left there are a few short steps, upto a stage area, and more seating.

The bar regularly stages live rock bands, performing on the stage area. The atmosphere at a band night is great, and the sound and lighting is good too.

Other events hosted at the pub include hardcore / dance dj nights.

The toilets are to the right, past the stage steps.

Into the gents, and we enter through a corridor arrangement, to find a wet floor / road cone greeting us, with the perhaps fitting warning of "CAUTION".

Take a left, and you will enter the main room. A giant p*ss stone fills the opposite wall. White, square, and simple best describes it, a strange minimalist cleaning pipe appears from the cream tiled wall. There is a stench of many mens p*ss in here, and the room is not overly well lit, but not bad.

To the right of the urinal contruction is an old stained metal condom machine, and a single wash basin, and soap dispenser.

To the left of the p*sser is the electronic hand dryer.

Both sink and dryer worked a treat.

Behind the sink area, is the singular cubicle, should you need a crap.

This was very poorly lit, im sure a bulb must have gone. It was a white bog inside, with a white seat, i did not investigate further as the light was so sh*te.

Overall 6/10

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