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'the urinal' - photo from Deli Garden Restaurant, Macclesfield
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'splash plate and sink' - photo from Deli Garden Restaurant, Macclesfield
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'the immaculate bog' - photo from Deli Garden Restaurant, Macclesfield
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Deli Garden Restaurant, Macclesfield

Deli Garden Restaurant
101 Chestergate
SK11 6DP
  Tel: 01625 503001

Added: 3/8/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

Fancy a Chinese Meal in Macclesfield? Then this is our recommended establishment.

Located on old chestergate, next to the Asha Indian Takeaway and opposite the Shalimar Indian Restaurant.

From the outside, this restaurant is a little old white building, with animated gold cat figurenes in the window, check them out, they're ace!

Through the door you will be met by one of the many waiting on staff, who will take you to your table when ready.

The building is quaint and dinky, a low roof and celing beams make this place full of character.

Order a drink before your meal, a pint of lager or some wine perhaps.

If you are a Guinness drinker, be warned! You will be served Guinness Original not Guinness Draught!

Try some Prawn Crackers with the provided sauce as a starter, they are esquisite. ou get an awful lot, one bowl will be more then enough to share between two.

For mains, check out the Beensprout Meals, or the Pork and Duck, or maybe Sweet and Sour Meals.

Your chop sticks are on hand, sitting on a little porcelain panda figurine. Chopsticks are wrapped and disposable for cleanliness, why not take them away and use the provided knife and fork instead?

The food is excellent! and the service is good too!

The toilets are located upstairs, where there are more dining areas too!

The gents are a simple little affair - One Urinal, One Sink, One Bog.

The room is nicely decorated in a grey marble type effect, with white p*ss porcelain.

The sink is to your left as you open the door, a white corner sink with hot and cold working tapes, handwash, a mirror and a large paper towel dispenser, and accompanying bin.

Next to this is the singular urinal, sectioned off from the sink area by a porcelain p*ss splash guard - see photos.

The p*sser is white and simple, fitting well into the surrounds, and looked well cleaned.

The bog is at the far end of the room.

A white bog with a white seat, and the white cistern that sits against a white wooden ledge. Accompanied by a white bog brush and holder, white roll holder, and a spare sh*t roll on the ledge at the back.

Check out the gold rim half way up the tiling as you sit and sh*t from your brown rim!

Again, very clean.

A Great restaurant and bogs!


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