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'Nice individual p*ssers!' - photo from Wetherspoons, Manchester
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'One of the 3 bogs, whats that? A carrier bag?' - photo from Wetherspoons, Manchester
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Wetherspoons, Manchester

49 Piccadilly
Greater Manchester
M1 2AP
  Tel: 0161 236 9206
Web: Wetherspoons

Added: Before records began, pre Jan 2005
Modified: 6/6/2011 11:33:46 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

JD Wetherspoons have a few outlets in Manchester, also including The Moon Under Water on Deansgate.

This pub is very handy if you've just got off a train and fancy good food, with a good beer choice.

The usual Spoon's food choices, here including a 2 for 6.50 menu.

The mixed grill is top-hat! guaranteed to entice a good sh*t out of you!

Beer wise, a good selection and many guest ales. Resident beers include Boddies, Directors and Summer Lightning!

A busy pub, well decorated and with a good atmosphere, the few amusements include the usual quiz machines and fruities as you'd expect.

Oooh, sh*t, i'm bursting for a slash, where are the bogs mate?

Well, they're actually downstairs, quick, run down them stairs if you're desperate.

Five Urinals neatly spaced with extra stone work to give you individual privacy! Have a wee whilst reading the adverts or newspaper clippings above!

3 pans, not too much room in there, but kept reasonably clean considering the use they get in this busy pub. Wasn't too impressed with the carrier bag left on the floor in here!

Nice sinks with a blue and white tiled wall finish this pub off, oh and the twin hand-dryers, nice touches.

A nice Wetherspoon Pub, good beer, food and sh*thouse!


There are currently 2 comments about Wetherspoons, Manchester

#1: Comment left by Andy of Chorley

“We have called in here a few times now and although we know it is a busy pub these toilets (gents) are really bad by any standard. They are very warm and humid with no circulating air, and the smell of p*ss is really very bad. Come on Wetherspoons sort it out !!”

Date: 8/8/2010 8:41:56 PM

#2: Comment left by Ben of Nantwich

“the toilets are good enough 4 the trash that use them have you seen the filth in this pub the punters i mean”

Date: 5/29/2011 12:11:25 PM

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