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'A Beautiful P*ss Stone' - photo from The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield
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'Nice Period Cistern!' - photo from The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield
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'Crapping Aboard The Ship!' - photo from The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield
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'Now wash your hands!' - photo from The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield
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The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield

The Old Ship Inn
61-63 Beech Lane
SK10 2DS
  Tel: 01625 261909

Added: 5/12/2006
Modified: 12/12/2012 10:51:18 AM

Written By Hans Dryer

This pub is located toward the upper end of Manchester Rd / Beech Lane, when heading from Tytherington into Macc Town.

The outer is decorated with black and white wooden panelling, and old fashioned windows, and there is a set of old tavern lamps on the walls.

The pub sign has an Old Ship on one side, representing the past, and a modern logo on the other, featuring the starship enterprise!

You enter at the cente of the pub, with the large bar right ahead of you, and seating to your left and right.

Also to the right is an entrance to the toilets and the back room behind the bar, and also to the beer garden which is looked over by a giant pirate figurine!

The bar range is extensive here, why not try some of the local "Ale Force" from the Storm Brewing Company of Macclesfield.

The spirits range is vast here.

A man once died in this pub whilst trying to drink his way accross the top shelf!

He did not manage it, but his legend lives on!

Pub Decor is old fashioned, but presentable. There are some books to read in the front room, whilst watching a friend play pool, and there are also some fruit and quiz machines.

Staff are friendly and helpful.

The pub also serve Thai Food, which is well worth checking out!

Reet, to the gents, as its a treat!

Enter throught the crappy old wooden door, usually open anyway, and you will be very impressed by the old P*ss Stones in here, they must date back well over 100 years!

Tall, with great use of curvature, and with p*ss splash protection guards, this is the stuff of dreams!

A re-assuring smell of p*ss only adds to their beauty!

The cistern is quality too, made in Burnley, see picture!

The crapper is at the far end of the room in a little wooden cubicle, joining on the the beer garden wall.

This is a more modern affair, but sitting well in its grand surroundings!

A white bog, with a light wooden seat, a white bog brush and holder, a charcoal semi-transparent roll holder, and even a locking door, what more could you possibly ask for?

Outside the crapper and into the main room again, its time to wash our hands. There is a single sink, with soap, a dryer, and a condom machine.

Brilliant 10/10

There are currently 2 comments about The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield

#1: Comment left by Mr Guy Morton of Brighton, E. Sussex

“I have visited The Old Ship Inn, Macclesfield, on several occasions on my trips to the North of England.

I was impressed with the authentic p*ss stones, cistern & crapper, all in excellant antique condition.

I was not aware of a re-assuring smell of p*ss, just toilet blocks. Not to be confused with a lot of pubs that have blocked toilets.

This is an experience for experts and well worth noting, for the huge amount of custom and the equally huge amount of consumtion of various drinks consumed, this pub toilet has certainly stood the test of time as a grand reminder of yesteryear!

Well done to The Ship Inn and all who keep it Ship-shape.”

Date: 8/21/2009 8:35:01 AM

#2: Comment left by David of Macclesfield

“This is my local. The Thai food no longer happens, but there is good ale, 2 big fires in the bar, good fried pigskin, and the stones still stand - waiting to take you in their welcoming embrace and give you all the comfort the drinkng man requires.”

Date: 12/12/2012 10:20:55 AM

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