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'Middlewood P*ssers!' - photo from The Springwood, Tytherington
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'Smint Anyone?' - photo from The Springwood, Tytherington
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'Twin Crappers!' - photo from The Springwood, Tytherington
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'I Think Ill Sh*t Here!' - photo from The Springwood, Tytherington
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'The Springwood Gents - 2011' - photo from The Springwood, Tytherington
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'The Springwood Toilets - 2011' - photo from The Springwood, Tytherington
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The Springwood, Tytherington

The Springwood
Tytherington Business Park
SK10 2XA
  Tel: 01625 427 809
Web: The Springwood

Added: 5/12/2006
Modified: 12/26/2011 1:18:10 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

This review started life as a review for the previous pub "The Middlewood". As has been noted in the comments, this pub is now "The Springwood", and we have been back.

Essentially it is the same thing, now a "Table Table" pub attached to a Premier Inn.

Meals from 4.99, Good Beers.

We had a good pint of "Sneck Lifter" and Wychwood "Bah Humbug", and some good food, namely a BLT Baguette and a Chicken Makhani Curry.

Service was great, the placed looked good and was clean, and all was well priced.

You'll find the gents in the original location, let us take a peak...

Essentially the same bogs with a makeover in the Gents.. new wall tiling, 2 urinals, new metal dryer.

Still 2 Toilet Bowls, with new wooden cubicle surrounds.

Recommended - 8/10.


Original "Middlewood" review...

So where is this pub, is it in Tytherington, is it in Bollington, is it in Prestbury, or is it in Macclesfield?

Well, its not in any, is the fairest answer.

This pub is attached to the Travel Inn / Travel Lodge, on Tytherington Business Park, off the Silk Road from Macclesfield, sandwiched between Tytherington and Bollington by Tytherington Lane, and also linked to prestbury via Dumbah Lane.

This pub is about 10-15 years old, and was purpose built as a travel inn pub.

It serves good food and beers, all day every day, and is part of the Brewers Fayre estate.

The pub is a bit dimly lit, with an old world "beams and lamps" theme, which is carried off quite well seeing as the pub is actually built recently.

I recommend the Boddies Ale Pie, and a bottle of Newcy Brown.

Although the pub has a lot of business folk in, and a lot of passing visitors from the travel inn, the pub does also have regulars, and everyone seems friendly enough.

Children are welcome, and there is a play area outside.

Right, The Toilets.

The toilets are located next to the front entrance to the pub.

The bogs are acyually better lit than the pub!

A spacey room, with terracotta tiles half way up the wall, belnding into a cream painted upper wall.

The floor is of grey / brown tiling.

You will find 2 p*ss pots on one wall, 2 sinks on the left, and 2 cubicles on the remaining wall.

The two p*ssers are nice white drainers, with soap, well piped in an upside down "Y" fashion, and surrounded to the left by the hand dryer and pedal bin, and to the right by a condom dispenser, above are two adverts in frames, full of local business ads.

There are two sinks with hot/cold lever taps, sat under two nice sized framed mirros.

The only design error here is that the soap is to the right of the right sink, so not convenient if you are on the left sink!

To the left of the left sink is a Smint Mint Dispenser!

Right, the toilet bowls... Bothe are plain white with white plastic seats, and enclosed in veyr modern easy build cubicles, the type you'd expect to see in McDonalds etc.

All is clean though, and there is bog roll in large dispensers, and a bog brush in each cubicle.

All in all, fits well in the them pub / travel lodge band, but not overly exciting.


There are currently 4 comments about The Springwood, Tytherington

#1: Comment left by Lord Sutch of Macclesfield

“Sorry to be off topic a bit but toilets may be clean and I'm sure they have nappy changing facilities but if you prefer the sound of screaming babies drowning out any chance of a conversation with your colleagues then try a lunchtime pint here.

It's frequented by mums who, having first collected their rug rats from the creche round the corner, pop in for an OJ in herds with screaming 3 year olds allowing them to charge up and down the bar like wild balls in a skittle alley. Yep, is a really relaxing experience and very thoughtful of the local mums to share their bundles of joy with those who really had only expected to pop in for a quiet relaxing pint.

I suggest a pint in the Lord Clyde or Butley Ash, both of which offer less chaotic atmospheres, are local and serve good food.”

Date: 4/16/2008 11:25:51 AM

#2: Comment left by Billy Bob of Sunny Toxteth

“I'd agree that the Lord Clyde is better for both food and ale - their IPA is particularly splendid. Also their toilets are well worth a poo.”

Date: 4/16/2008 2:46:15 PM

#3: Comment left by Frisasu of Macc

“Is it called The Springwood now, or is that somewhere else?”

Date: 12/27/2008 8:01:47 PM

#4: Comment left by The Team of

“In reply to Frisasu, yes, we believe this pub has now changed and is called The Springwood.

Hopefully we will have a new review of it in the near future.”

Date: 12/28/2008 12:18:36 PM

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