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'Funny seat shape' - photo from Hairy Dog, The, Minehead
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'A Lone Urinal' - photo from Hairy Dog, The, Minehead
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'Nice Sink Arrangement' - photo from Hairy Dog, The, Minehead
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Hairy Dog, The, Minehead

Hairy Dog, The
32, The Avenue
TA24 5AZ
  Tel: 01643 706317
Web: Hairy Dog, The

Added: 6/1/2006
Modified: 8/29/2009 9:36:27 AM

Situated in the middle of the main road in Minehead town centre, The Hairy Dog is a large, well set out pub with nice modern decor.
Stepping through the double doors, you can immediately spot the bar - it's front and centre.
Let's see what they've got on offer, shall we? Alongside the usual suspects such as Carling, Strongbow, Guiness and Tetleys, this place also offers lesser spotted alcoholic delights such as Budweiser on tap, Hoegaarden (okay, maybe not a delight - it tastes like p*ss) and Leffe. The pub also carries a large range of bottled beers and alcopops (for the kids who've snuck in).
As well as drinks, the Hairy Dog also has food available. A quick shufty at the menu reveals a good varied choice of fodder, including sanrnies, baguettes and ciabattas as well as full meals. The service is superb and very fast, the food arrives not long after it is ordered and is of a very high standard.
Extras in the pub include a jukebox, which unfortunately seems to be very pop music orientated and a big screen TV for live footy.
Now to the real reason we've entered the establishment - the bogs!
The toilets are located upstairs towards the rear of the pub, but don't despair, they're clearly signposted! However, the stairs may prove an annoyance after a few bevvies, or if you're a fatty!
Step inside the door and you'll find clean, bright bogs with quite a nice colour scheme. but that's not what we're all about, is it? A glance around will reveal something a bit out of the ordinary - this pub tilet has a ceramic urinal AND a metal p*ss-tray! How odd. A criticism about the trough though - it contained no p*ss-soaps at all when I was there. Chances for p*ss-polo: zero :(
There's a choice of 2 cubicles - think I'll pick the closest. Well-stocked with bogroll? Check. Roomy? Check. Clean? Check. Rude graffiti? None. This all adds up to a nice little place to sit and have a dump. Lovely.
Now, since we're not tramps, it's time to wash our hands. There are three sinks to choose from, backed by a huge mirror, which looks like it belongs in the girl's bogs. I'm sorry, but big mirrors are for girls and gays!
Overall, a great pub and a quality p*ssing experience!

Pub: 7/10
Toilets: 8/10

PS check out the pirate ship themed play area out the back! Avast me hearties, walk the plank, garr, etc...

There is currently 1 comment about Hairy Dog, The, Minehead

#1: Comment left by Adeline of Wilts

“Went here today with 3 children and cant sing their praises enough.Clean toilets and plenty of them, fantastic food at reasonable prices with only ten minute wait.Will be returning soon. Friendly staff and great kids play area too here.”

Date: 8/28/2009 6:33:47 PM

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