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'the trough' - photo from V Bar, Leek
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'p*sser, sink, sh*tter' - photo from V Bar, Leek
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'have a crap, you know you want to!' - photo from V Bar, Leek
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V Bar, Leek

V Bar
Stockwell St
Market Place
ST13 6AD
Added: 7/25/2006
Modified: Before records began, pre June 2008

Written By Hans Dryer

V. Bar is located opposite the cobbled market place in this charming little tourist town.

From the Macclesfield Road, pass into Leek past the 3 sets of speed cameras (bastards), and V.Bar is on your left as you come to the market square.

If visiting in the evening, by car, take a right instead of a left, and park on the market place itself.

You will see a board outside on the roadside informing you of a plethora of forthcoming events and bands etc at the bar.

enter down the little alley way, and in by the side door.

The pub is kind of round shaped, more like a U shape, with a little extra bit on, and a big beer garden with picnic tables.

Grab a pint of better and choose a table to sit at.

From the main room you will see the extra room, used for bands and performing acts etc.

The pub is a bit dim, but staff are friendly, and its well frequented. You can always f*ck off round the other side of the bar, to the pool table room, which is better lit, or on a hot summer day, why not nip outside with a bevvie or two?

Reet, enough tittle-tattle, lets chek out the sh*t house!

Ah, its a gooden, or complete sh*t if you wanna some it up that way!

A cramped little room, with boarded up windows, smelling of p*ss (probably cos of its p*ss soaked floor).

There is a long smelly silver trough on the outside wall, next to a sink, and against some boarded up windows and a green coloured wall. Graffiti fills the window boards, something to read as you urinate, but dont get too carries away or you'll p*ss on someone!

There is rom for 3 or 4 men to wee, at a squeeze, and a few p*ss soaps provide the ideal polo playing field!

To the right of the trough, is the sink, was that piddle off your fingers!

reet, to the right of the sink is the single gents lavvie. its a white bowl, with white seat, a bit sh*tty looking, but working ok, althought the door didnt lock on our visit, at least there was paper and a bog brush.

Who needs a lock anyway, its what an out-stretched leg is designed for, sh*t away happily!

Overall, a great place, bogs a bit sh*tty, but we like them that way!


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