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'A Beautiful Stone!' - photo from The Slow and Easy, Northwich
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'Wash After That Slash!' - photo from The Slow and Easy, Northwich
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'Wheelchair Sh*tting Support!' - photo from The Slow and Easy, Northwich
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The Slow and Easy, Northwich

The Slow and Easy
Manchester Road
Lostock Gralam
  Tel: 01606 42148

Added: 8/30/2006
Modified: 9/24/2012 12:43:04 PM

Written By Hans Dryer

The Slow & Easy pub is located on the Manchester Road, basically the main Road if you've come from the Knutsford direction towards Northwich, in which case it is on the left hand side in the small village of Lostock Gralam before you meet the town centre.

It is a large free standing pub building, with a large car park.

Inside you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere, the pub is also a hotel / guesthouse, and serves food.

The bar area is quite well themed with old wooden beam type decor, and is quite open plan, with lots of seating areas, and a lot of stools around the bar.

For entertainment, there is TV, Fruit Machines and a Quiz Box. Or why not chat to one of the charming Northwich fellows?

On tap are a variety of beers, and there is a good bottle and spirit selection too. I recommend the Guinness, it was a good pint!

Overall, on a breif stop, we were made to feel warm and welcome, but this pub is convenient as just a stop-off pub, and that was our aim, so lets get to the bogs...

Woah! What A Stunner!

You enter the gents, and there is a small cubicle to your right, but your attention is immediately drawn to the far end of the room, and a corner piece p*ss stone, beautifully crafted, and well kept!

There are 6 or 7 p*ss bays, with integrated splash guards, and tall enough for a giant! this is a masterpiece, it sits perfectly into the corner, and is gleaming clean, clearly the landlord is proud of his p*sser!

It is set well on a biscuity coloured wall tiling, and on brwon floor tiling!

There were even a few p*ss soaps knocking about too!

Opposite the p*sser are two sinks, set into a nice worktop, under a mirror, with a jonny machine to the right, and a hand dryer to the left.

A great and enjoyable p*ss was had, and its good to see that all the wash equipment is in order too!

The crapper, near the door, is less impressive, just a plain white with brown seat bog plonked in a little cubicle. It did have a disabled aid bar though, and plenty of room.

It is the spectacular urinal that makes this pub - well worth a trip to see!

What a Classic - 10/10

There are currently 2 comments about The Slow and Easy, Northwich

#1: Comment left by Martin of Northwich

“You're not wrong. When I walked into the gents the first thing I said to myself was would you look at that! 10 / 10 indeed.”

Date: 1/28/2011 4:31:32 PM

#2: Comment left by John Chapman of Manchester

“Myself and 2 friends spent a lovely night at the pub last Friday,25/11/11,Had a very enjoyable meal and the people were very friendly.Room great and beds very comfortable.
Recommend to anybody”

Date: 11/29/2011 11:04:37 AM

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